Thursday, January 19, 2012

someday home...

I want a house
with high ceilings
and low floors.
windows never
closed, no locks on the doors.
"welcome friends" on
the mat,
chairs stuffed
and comfy fat.
food in the fridge,
books on the shelves.
don't hesitate
to help yourselves.


Boxer said...

this breaks my heart.


Really beautiful. I wish these same things for you too.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sounds good. Very good.

Jean said...

Boxer, I can see it in my head.

JCosmo, it's an old dream.

Almost Candy said...

...Wish these things for you too.

How times have changed. My mother never locked a door -- not on the house, the car, nothin. She always said that if someone wanted to get in they were going to find a way. A locked door/window wasn't going to stop 'em.

It'd be nice to open the windows. But it's 8 degrees out there. Maybe in late April. That's not TOO far off right? ;)

Doom said...

I've almost got that Jean. And yet, almost no one visits. Working on it though, we will see. While I do lock my doors, it's almost as much so kids don't find my guns (I keep them loaded) as anything else. But my door is always open, and what I have, mostly, is available.

If you can't have what you want, use what you do have as you may?

Jean said...

Candy, late April? I hope it's warm for you before then!

Doom, you get your mom, your lady friend, your friend in town, neighbors, the missionaries... that's a pretty good group.

boneman said...

ah, such a big house.
Matches your big heart.

I am trying for such a small abode, few chairs, just a diningroom table, food , wine, and friends.
That would do nicely, I think.
But, we'll work on your palace, first, my sweet.
(and, anyway, a HUGE yard because everyone will bring their pets, too)

Jean said...

It really isn't such a big place. But, there are porches and lots of windows and a fenced yard for the critters.

Neuse River News - Oriental NC said...

i only say that that would be a very friendly able house..