Tuesday, January 03, 2012

forget the pumpkins, there's frost on the Palm Trees...

Holy Geebus Mickey Mouse.
It was 28 here last night and tonight will be
the same or worse. Pity me, dammit.
My source of heat for any cold spell is layered
clothing and a heating pad in bed.

It's been two weeks of winter according to
the calendar and I think that's enough for
anyone. Even you yankees.

In other news you probably don't want to know,
I spent some time in the ER on Christmas Day.
Details of the condition are not important and
all is well now. However.

I'm still unemployed and without health insurance.
I put off going to the ER until I had no choice because
the thought of another large bill was nerve-wracking.
(In October, I went to a clinic I thought was connected
with the local hospital for treatment of a painful and
completely clogged ear. Office visit, ear flush and four
prescriptions later, I was out over $400. Turned out
to be a bad inner ear infection. Spending $400 hurt worse.)

So... Christmas Day.
I was received politely, quickly and efficiently. I was
also the only patient in the ER, but still, in and out in
less than an hour. All good.

When I told them I had no insurance, I was told 'no problem'...
they would see if I qualified for some kind of financial
assistance. As in emergency Medicaid.
Today I found out that, no, I do not. Why not?
Because I have no children under the age of 18, I am not
pregnant, nor am I disabled. Took about 30 seconds to
make that determination. Being unemployed and without
insurance had no bearing on the decision. At all.

Now, I am waiting to talk to the billing office at the
hospital to find out what the total amount owed is and
what kind of payment plan can be arranged. Terrific.
Like I need another bill. How far can a person stretch
$275 a week (before taxes)?
I guess I paid property taxes for 25 years so other people
could get health care.

If there is a light at the end of this tunnel, it has yet
to come into view.


J Cosmo Newbery said...


Jean said...


boneman said...

perhaps if you only see darkness before you, taking a moment to stop and turn around.
Make sure you're not walking away from the light.

Jean said...

I've thought of that, too.

Boxer said...



Everything ok now? I'm sorry/sorry/sorry.

Happy New Year, Jean. I only wish good things for you in 2012.


Cactus Mark said...

You are being tested. Again. Get's old doesn't it? I passed a test recently and it took as pure a faith as I could muster. You'll make it. I don't even know you and I believe in you.

I pinged you at the store address (aol.com) with a private message.

You do not have to pay ER bills. It's "nice" if you have the insurance to do so but it is not required. Don't worry about it. Don't guilt about it. You've paid so many medical bills for others through local taxes, maybe it's time you took a little back for yourself.

Forgive me for this:


Jean said...

Thank you, Boxer...and, yes, I am healthy again. :-)

Mark...bwahahaha! I HEAR YOU!
Thank you for believing.

Fred said...

Geez, Jean. So sorry to hear about this.

Still praying for you and thinking of you all the time.

Fred said...

Geez, Jean. So sorry to hear about this.

Still praying for you and thinking of you all the time.

Fred said...


Jean said...

Fred...ha...oops are ok. And, thanks for prayers and thoughts.