Monday, January 09, 2012

Haiku Monday - Nocturnal...

someone is awake
somewhere. writing, perhaps, or
just wondering why.

morning glory sleeps
while moonflower opens to
her night moth feeding.


night falling on the
horizon, pushes away
last arms of the sun.

This week's Haiku Monday is hosted by Scout
and she chose the topic - Nocturnal.
Seventeen syllables divided into
three lines of 5-7-5.

Everyone is welcome to play.


Boxer said...

I really love them both, but the second is my favorite. I was thinking a similar thing, but you captured it with "last arms of the sun." I love that!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Moonflower, Moonflower, eat my moths...

Carteach0 said...

Darkness closing in
Creating a smaller world
Alone with my thoughts

chickory said...

very beautiful. i love those moths that are so big they look like birds...and moonflowers? the best fragrance in the world. good luck today!

boneman said... nocturnal frog dentist?
OK...I can take a hint.
(no I can't)
I'll do it myself...

Jean said...

Boxer, thanks! I actually wrote that line a while ago. Found a place for it in haiku.

JCosmo, isn't it more like they are having sex? pollinating, ya know.

Art, that's lovely and you ought to enter it!

Thanks, Chick. While doing a search for images, I found out those big ones are called hummingbird moths. And, yes, I also love the scent from moonflowers.

Berry, enter your idea!

Curmudgeon said...

I think that first one is a contender if not winner. You need to get cartec to put that one up. It is really great!

Jean said...

Thanks, Curm!
I think I'll go leave him a note at his place.

Jean said...

Now that I look at the top one again, I think I could have used 'working' instead of 'writing'.

Neuse River North Carolina said...

love your post jean..

that was pretty awesome..