Thursday, January 26, 2012

Backstory repeat from my archives...

Blog readership changes over time.
I have some new readers who have asked
to know a bit more about me.

I'm linking to a post from 2007 that includes
more links to the story that ultimately brought
me to begin blogging in 2006. Click here.

For those who have already read those posts, or
prefer not to, may I suggest that you begin to
ponder what you will enter in next week's
Haiku Monday Contest. Beautiful Boxer is this week's winner
and has already picked the topic: Rain.
Boxer is an absolute hostess with the mostest, so
don't be surprised if she offers you some of her Tofu Vodka.


Boxer said...

I'm going to go back and read because I care about your past.

And, there's a prize for this week's Haiku winner so I hope your other readers will partipate and thanks for the "shout out".


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Tofu Vodka?

I've never written a Haiku and I don't think tofu vodka will swing it for me.

Jean said...

Boxer, I love the topic you chose!
Come back to read whenever you're ready.

JCosmo, I think it's actually soy vodka and Boxer wasn't too impressed, if I remember correctly ...heh. However, you are a master poet who would make mighty fine haiku!

Boxer said...

yup, it was pretty bad vodka and I hope J Cosmo decides to write a Haiku... topic is Rain! Not booze, although I nearly went with that.


Jean said...

I'll take tequila! heh.

grumpygranny said...

Hi, Jean, thanks for your comment on my blog. I read enough of your backstory to know we have quite a lot in common. My 2nd husband will be dead 10 years this August. He took the slower suicide route of alcohol, but suicide all the same.

Very sad, but we're still here and that's definitely a good thing. Very pleased to meet you.


Jean said...

Hi, GG. If my hub hadn't chosen a shotgun the alcohol would have done him in.
Pleased to meet you, too!

Boxer said...

my mother attempted suicide at least one in my adult life and your post resonated with me for many reasons. Very honest writing and you have my heart for the lasting residue this painful act can leave on us. I'm sorry.

Jean said...

Boxer, many hugs to you re your mom.
It will never quite go away. xoxo

Bou said...

Crazy. How long have I been reading you and I had never seen that post? I never saw the entire story? I knew about the suicide, but not the leading up to it, the hurt and hell of it all.

You didn't deserve any of that... None.

Jean said...

I guess I don't want people to think I'm harping on it for sympathy, so I don't refer to it much any more.