Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skating on the beach not what I ass-umed...

This is what I was hoping to see...
you know, like Cary Grant & Loretta Young
in 'The Bishop's Wife'. (I want this movie.)

Well, of course I would.
Fantasy is always better than reality.
And, so it was today...

Pretty good build-up advertising.

First of all, this is about 3 pm and it's a school day.
Second of all, this is not exactly where I thought the
rink would be.
Thirdly, not many tourists in town but holy crap...
there was ONE guy skating and I think he works there.

I thought the action might pick up later,
so I treated myself to the movie 'j. edgar'.
I liked the movie.

Evening did not bring out the crowds.

I thought the skating rink was going to be
in front of the Bandshell, not at the
opposite end of the patio.
(sorry for the sucky photo. It looks like
half the lights are missing and I swear
I saw them with my own eyeballs but
the camera refused to agree with me.)

I might go back in a few weeks and see
if the attendance improves.


Anonymous said...

This should prove to be interesting. Doubt many people associate going to the beach with ice skating. Yeah, Jean. The old holiday movies are great. The Bishop's Wife, The Bells of St Mary's, Going My Way, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut, Susan Slept Here, It's A Wonderful Life ... and the list goes on and on.

The Bishop's Wife will be on TCM, Dec 4 at 9am CST.


boneman said...

so...did you notice that half the lights were out onthe left side of the half circle?
(1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4)
OK, a quarter of the lights were off.

Boxer said...

I love the picture of the sea horse with a snow hat.

Nice write up and I hope attendance is better on the weekends?

Froth said...

We have a seasonal ice rink here, too. They do quite a business,but it's heavily marketed. I have yet to visit it. Grew up skating and I know my ankles would betray me after so many years.

Jean said...

Bonnie, thanks but, I canceled cable ten years ago. I'll grab a copy someday when I see it for $5.

Berry, I swear those lights were all on but the camera didn't think so.

Boxer, I hope things pick up or they're looking at major money loss...again.

Kim, there is an inside rink about 5 miles south that stays busy and I think those owners are the ones who set this up. I've never skated. My ankles hurt just thinking about it.

Jean said...

p.s. Boxer...maybe the seahorse with hat is another papier mache project for you...?