Tuesday, November 08, 2011

haiku - leaving a trace...

I can see me gone
full soul, ravenous for more
word mem'ries alive


Anonymous said...

Jeeeaaan, why all these thoughts of death and dying and what we leave behind? Think happy thoughts... like the dolphins, roses in autumn, sunshine.


Jean said...

That's how I am, sometimes, Bonnie.
No worries, though. I have a couple lighter ones coming up.


boneman said...

I didn't see the "dark" of this.
It looked more like a "warning" that you were ravenous to write, GIVE THE WOMAN SOME ROOM!
and stay out of the way.

But, lighter is cool, too.

Jean said...

I'm thinking, when I die I'll be full from this life, looking forward to the next and leaving my words to be found by others (hopefully).

Freddie said...

I know I'm glad I found 'em when I did.

Jean said...

awww...bless you, Freddie.