Tuesday, November 29, 2011

moooood and attituuuuuude...

are both pretty close to the bottom of the pit.
The seemingly endless struggle, constant worry
and sense of insecurity is wearing me down.
Kinda wish it was wearing me thin but, cheap food
is fattening. You didn't know that, did you?

Got word that three more people were called back
to the old job. Five total, leaving six to wonder if.
In the meantime, I'm still sending out resumes and
filling in applications. No response from any so far.
Two this week are somewhat appealing. One is a
customer rep position with the local trash/recycling
company and the other is with the county, working
in the vehicle tag and title office. Respectable money
and nice benefits. (Dealing with the public, lord help me.)
Fingers crossed.

I think I'm due for a walk-about. Take some photos.
They set up an ice rink on the beach. Yes, they did.
Keeping it there through the holidays. $10 lets you
skate all day and includes the skates. Sounds like a
pretty good deal but, I've never skated so I'll just go
watch silly people laugh and fall on their butts and
maybe come away with a few photos to share here.

I keep saying it could be worse but I'm trying real hard
not to imagine what that would be.


Doom said...

This time I can only empathize, if when I am down it is for slightly different reasons. I honestly wish there was something I could do, but right now I've been sheared and fleeced. I am not down about it, I just can't do much. I did get the tags though. I knew by her thunder thighs who she was without the tags. The police won't help, they just laugh. :p

Yep, a walk-around and some more pictures! It might not be a pot of gold but it ain't bad. Good luck on landing a job. If I don't wish pr on anyone, green is better than grass? Or... something.

the walking man said...

The only comfort I can give is telling you what you already know...this is not your fault. You are a victim of the greed of others. Own one of those jobs before it comes to pass...that is the definition of faith Jean.

Fred said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always.

They make some pretty cool ice skates to rent these days. The boot is made of hard plastic (totally supports the ankles). I could never ice skate until I wore a pair of those skates. Maybe you'll want to try it... ?

Take that walkabout. Take the photos. And please share. :)

Erica said...

In the same boat as you, sis. Hey, we should compare notes one of these days.

boneman said...

OK, give me a shot at it...
Just as two british petroleum rigs and a chevron rig blow up in the Gulf, a freak Winter hurricane suddenly forms out of nowhere, and starts driving the oil strewn waters to Florida, where the winds pick it all up and throw it onto Daytona.

A sleeping octopus, four times the size of Long Island senses the oil coming from Daytona, assumes it is THEY who are polluting the ocean, and attacks the speedway, and works its way North along the coastline wrecking havoc and mayhem (or just maybe-hem, if you're having trouble believing this) all the way up to Maine.

The US Air Force, in their infinite reasoning decides that the oceans are at war with us and they begin bombing various spots in the ocean with nuclear warheads.
Pretty soon, dead fish are washing ashore into the oiled mess of beaches there, and while nobody could swim, anyway, now that the Atlantic is a giant nuclear waste dump, at least the poor people had something to eat.
Too bad there were more dead fish than could be eaten, so, it really really really smells terrible.

(How'm I doing? Things looking any better there, yet? Or should I come back and finish the story where it gets REALLY bad?)

Boxer said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you because that constant stress you're under is bad for the soul and your health. Take the walkabout... watch people fall on their arses and give yourself a day away from the worries. :-(

and I'm sorry. Keep the faith.

Jean said...

Doom, you handle your trials in a most admirable way. Source of encouragement, you are.

Mark, my faith has been twisted but I'm still trying.

Fred, my ankles hurt thinking about it ;-).
One nice thing about digital photos, the processing is free!

Erica, absolutely. ('m guessing you have blog trolls that made you go private?)

Berry, read my last sentence on the post. I don't want to imagine.

Thanks, Boxer. I'll be heading out there soon!

Erica said...

@Jean -- yes, I hate them all; did I not extend you an invite? I will do that now! Sorry...