Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autumn hiking in Ohio...

I wish I could take credit for these photos.
Alas, I wasn't even in the neighborhood.
My sister, Ann, goes hiking with one
of her co-workers, Jennifer, through the
wilds of Summit County. Jen took these
photos and graciously gave me permission
to share them with all of you.


Fred said...


Jean said...

Yeah, Fred, I miss seeing the changing of the leaves.

Stephen Gustav said...

Strange. I grew up less than a half hour from there, and in all my years of staring at the internet, I've never seen a picture of Summit County. I did a fair amount of hiking in the region in my youth, as a Boy Scout, I wonder if I was ever near there?

Jean said...

I'd say your chances of having trudged some of the same trails are pretty good.
We spent early childhood in Uniontown, then moved to Portage County.

It's funny.... checking my sitemeter just now, someone in Cinn actually did a search for 'hiking in Ohio' and visited here!

Stephen Gustav said...

Okay, small world time. My dad went to high school in Uniontown. I went to college in Portage county and lived there for a time before moving on.

Jean said...

holy shit. Small world, indeed.
But, I'm thinking you are much younger so we probably don't know any of the same people. I went to Uniontown through 5th grade. Graduated from Southeast H.S. in 1969. Graduated from University of Akron 1974 then moved to Florida.

Your college had to be Kent.

Stephen Gustav said...

I never lived in Uniontown myself. My dad graduated from Uniontown HS in '57, the last graduating class as I understand it.

Not Kent, actually. Hiram. Though Kent had more bars.

Jean said...

That sounds right. Then they consolidated some districts and kids went to Lake H.S., in Hartville.

Kent was definitely the party town.
Hiram, Wooster, Mt. Union...all good schools.
Larry Kehres(sp?) graduated a few years before me, went to Mt. Union.
Became their football coach. Rather successful. He was still there a few years ago, preparing his son for taking his place I heard.