Wednesday, November 09, 2011


His name was Peanut Butter Jones.
His parents were hippies.
His quest was to find the perfect Jelly.

He spread Orange Marmalade, licked
Peach Preserves and dipped a digit in his
cousin Apple Butter.
Plain Grape made him drip. Red Raspberry
stuck in his teeth. Elder Berry was too ripe
and Cherry was taken a long time ago.

Poor Peanut changed his name to Damn Skippy.


kdzu said...

Oh, my.

Jean said...

yeah. strange, eh?

Doom said...

I think you have a lead on folk poetry! Even I can... understand all the whats and wherefores, I think. You ought to send that to Mother Jones! *chuckles*

the walking man said...

Damn straight...what Doom said!

Jean said...

Mother Jones? Guess I need to google...hmmmm.