Sunday, November 27, 2011

Haiku Monday energy/energize...

takes the wind from people's sails.
floating dull adrift.

First deep breath in the
morning. Yawn and stretch and smile.
Let the day begin!

I found a haiku contest through Boxer's blog.
This week Haiku Monday is being hosted by Serendipity.
Follow the links, read the entries and join in the fun, why doncha?


Anonymous said...

What a cute kitten photo!


Jean said...

I loooooooove kitties.

the walking man said...

These two Haiku are reminiscent of some that Jack Kerouac wrote.

Jean said...

I saw on the 'net yesterday that they are publishing a book of his not known about until recently.

Gonna have to look up his haikus...thanks, Mark.