Monday, August 02, 2010

Pondering across the Pond...

This is Susie Hemingway wearing her new Pondering hat.
She writes here about her life in the U. K. with her
handsome husband Hamada. Isn't she a beauty?
She has a book of poetry for sale, all proceeds going
to cancer research.

Thank you, Susie, for sending the photo. I love it.

I also want to thank everyone who has ordered products
from the Pondering....... store. I can't tell you how much
I appreciate your support, especially in these rough times.

I'd love to post more photos from any of you
wearing/using/displaying your Pondering products.
Don't be shy!

In other news... we got some rain and relief from the heat.
It may not last long but I will enjoy it as long as it lasts.
And, the poison ivy is getting better. Did I mention the poison ivy?
Yeah, itchy itchy rash to go with the horrid heat. Yuck.
But, it's better and so am I.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Fred said...

Glad you got a little relief!

Jean said...

Thanks, Freddie. Me, too!

Michael Morse said...

That is great! Pondering and A Power Within, two of my faves. I do believe I have a pondering t-shirt, perhaps a photo is in the future.

Jean said...

That would be awesome, Michael!

Doom said...

I thought she was your sister!

Jean said...

Doom, what a lovely compliment for me. Thank you.

Susie Hemingway said...

It's a splendid cap Jean. I would have taken time with the photo had I thought you were going to post it here lol! Wonderful quality cap and large enough to cope with my copious unruly hair - I am truly pleased with it. Thank you x

Jean said...

aw, Susie...I'm thrilled that you are pleased with the hat. The photo is LOVELY. As are you.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Hey! I ordered a mug. The page asked where I was but didn't seem to add postage when I said Australia. ???

Don't want you out of pocket for a mug like me. Let me know what to do.

Jean said...

JCN, that was you? I kinda wondered.
The site isn't set up for overseas shipping but I checked with the post office and the estimate is a bit over $14.00 to ship. (yikes)
You can mail the amount after you get the mug...or, if you want to cancel, I can credit your money back through paypal.
Totally up to you, sir.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Happy to press on. I know from my book days that P&P is the killer. Does the $14 cover packaging as well as post? It would be easier if I went in via Paypal rather than doing all the exchange thing. Perhaps if I bought something for $14 but you didn't ship it?? Let me know the final amount.


Jean said...

You could order a Pondering shirt and I won't send it. (that sounds so weird)