Friday, August 06, 2010

another SuperModel...

What can I say?

Pondering attire is showing up everywhere.
Thank you, Michael!

Who's next?


Boxer said...

I'm pondering that very question.


Jean said...

You are one of the Great Ponderers, Boxergirl.


Carteach0 said...

I'll be drinking my school coffee from a 'pondering' mug this year!

Jean said...

Art, I'd love a photo of that!

Doom said...

My mom loved her package. I was not sure how she would go with it, being poetical and all, but she loves the items. She is sort of girly you know. I bragged... I know the artist! She was impressed. :)

I still have a few items I want personally, but I have to wait a bit. You know how long a bit can be with me, but the kissy stuff on the mug is a must. Even ogres like some notions.

Jean said...

Doom, I am tickled pink that your mom is pleased.
I will set aside a kissy mug just for you. Holler at me whenever you are ready.