Friday, July 30, 2010

please rain...

far away,
moving farther.
taking rest, relief,
with it,


boneman said...

love the birds in flight here
Glad the storms are leaving, my dear.
Now if only your sweet smile
could come back for just a while
You'de make me smile, bringing back a moment of cheer.

Jean said...

my mind-clouds are shifting but, after this morning's news, they may roll back this way. Always a smile for you.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The weather seems to tease a lot nowadays.

Jean said...

Indeed, JCN. Not in a fun way.

Doom said...

We have received rain recently, but needed it so much too. I can only imagine with your heat and humidity though. We will not receive wet again, if a normal summer, until it freezes us in September or October. I hope you see some drops from heaven. Will you dance in it if you do? Next time I get it, for my words, I will. Uhrm, if they come before September anyway.

Jean said...

ha...Doom, I did the dance!