Sunday, August 29, 2010

it isn't always...

what your eyes see
isn't always all there is.
yet, if you look too hard,
the best might be missed.


foam said...

so true!
i love this fog on the ocean.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yes, looking too hard can be a problem. But not as big as not looking at all.

the walking man said...

I see enough of what s right in front of me without having to strain my eyes trying to see what may or may not be there.

Doom said...

You have a way of complimenting being accidentally transcendental. I think I only see because I am blind, quite often. Though I am not too sure I would rather be blissfully ignorant through being able to watch carefully?

Still, I like the sentiment!

Uhm, are you a-mused again? Welcome back. :p

boneman said...

makes me want to see more of you, tonight.
Can I come over?

Jean said...

Foam- that's one of the photos from when Berry was here.

JCN- I guess that would be a lot of denial.

Mark- sometimes the immediate is more than enough.

Doom- 'accidentally transcendental'... I love that phrase!
I'm having dribs and drabs of a-muse ment.

Berry- any time.

Diane said...

Words to live by, my friend. I've missed you! XO

Boxer said...

very lovely. And I agree.

Jean said...

Diane, it's good to see you back in blogbidness!

Thank you, Boxer :-)