Monday, August 16, 2010

UPDATE - For the first time ever...

my mortgage payment is late.

I called customer service, wanting to explain and
hoping for an exemption from the late fee but, I
was unable to find an option to talk to a live rep.
Checking on line gave me info for the closest office,
twenty-five miles away, so I'll call them today.

You see, I'm in the group that the media is calling
"the 99-ers". Still unemployed. My last UC check was
deposited July 8. The emergency extension was signed
July 20 (22?) but the money distribution is just now
beginning. I was told I couldn't re-apply until I received
some official letter in the mail and those were not going
to be sent out until last week. I waited all week and was
finally able to make contact by phone on Friday to ask
when I might expect the paperwork.
Turns out they are late in mailing. The man I talked to
in Tallahassee gave me a new website to access and do
the application on line but it's still going to be at least
two weeks before I might see some of the money.
Almost two months with no income other than some orders
through the store. I'm almost tapped out financially and
emotionally is getting pretty edgy, too.

I really don't like being unemployed.
In all this time of searching for a job, I have not been
called one time. Nada. Zip.

However, last week presented a very, very tiny light way
beyond the end of the tunnel. I found out that a former
employer is doing some light hiring. Two people I worked
with have been hired. I hauled ass to get an application
filled out last Wednesday. I worked for this organization
from 1986 to 1989. Yeah, twenty-one years ago.

They're hiring part-time, to keep their expenses down.
No benefits but the 31 hours per week would pay a decent
chunk more than unemployment.
I'd take the job in a heartbeat. And be very glad for it.

I'd like to ask that you send out some good vibes, say a
prayer, cross your fingers... whatever.

This is not how I expected to be living my life at this age.

update: Finally made human contact via telephone with
the mortgage company (Chase) yesterday. One rep is
mailing a 'loan modification packet'. Not sure if that will
do me any good but, I'll read it and see what might be
offered. I only have nine years left on the loan and I hate
to extend the time. Interest rate is currently 5.75% .
After being transferred umpteen times, I finally got to
talk to the department that could help only to be told that
I needed to call back today (Tuesday). holyshit and grrrrr.
So, I obediently called today to be told they will only forgive
half of the late fee. ($19.51 minus half = $9.76) And, they
will only do this one time. (thanksalot, you corporate whore)
Where is the benefit to being a good customer for many years?
I've made mortgage payments since 1986, albeit not to the
same company all that time, but still... 24 years is only worth
$9.76 ?????

No word yet on the part-time job, although they did hire
another former co-worker this week. Fingers still crossed.

A dear friend submitted my resume to the large company the
friend has worked for for many years. Nothing available
locally but, a few possibilities in Ohio.
Includes moving expenses. Friend has more confidence in
me than I do.

In other news... it was 88 degrees when I woke this morning.
Last time I checked the temperature, it was reading 101.
We can easily add 10 degrees for the humidity.
Ice water is also my friend. And Sparky's.

Not least of all... thank you all for your kind words of support!


Erica said...

With all my heart I hope you get the gig.

Freddie said...

Still praying.

Jean said...

Thanks, girls.

LL said...

I have been hoping for a glimmer for you since you got laid off. I really hope you find something soon, Jean. *hugs*

curmudgeon said...

Consider my fingers crossed!

Jean said...

These are crazy times, LL. Thanks for your good wishes.

Dave, thanks, and don't forget your toes, too! ;-)

Richard Gainey said...

Best wishes from Ohio.

Jean said...

Richard! How nice of you.

boneman said...

we're on the phone right now...
d=)) \

SippicanCottage said...

Good luck to you.

Jean said...

You be da goof.

Thank you, SippC.

the walking man said...

Why is it that the paper pushers and button punchers still have jobs when they are so slow in accomplishing them?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Prayer's not my thing but vibing furiously.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeesh, honey!

Feeling all that with you.


Praying for you.

Jean said...

Mark, that's a damn good question. Seems that one of the hardest jobs to lose is a govt job.

Mr. Newbery, the vibes are much appreciated.

Thanks, Joanie. Familiar territory for you, too, I know.

Anonymous said...

Saying prayers! Your OKIE-dokie friend...


Jean said...

I hope the Keys are being good to you, Okie. ;-)

Doom said...

What a tangle of hopes, fears, possibilities, doubts, and weather just in case it wasn't enough! I am certainly putting you up in the prayer queue. I will keep you there for a good bit of time.

Now, just take a breath. Really. Take a deep breath. Release slowly. Take two more, releasing slowly with each breath. You have done all you can, you are still breathing, so relax. Let the world play out. You have had worse and I think you will know better, again, too.

Jean said...

Bless you, Doom.

Blaez said...

i know i am really late in reading this but i am still going to vibe your way!! *hugs*