Monday, February 02, 2009

I'll save the good news for last...

My ex-employer had another lay-off this morning.
Seven more production workers and at least two
more office staff. The cut-backs are reaching farther
this time, though.

They have a small facility (all computer chip, all the time)
in California. The CEO is flying there to administer a
lay-off there. First time, ever, I believe.

Another first for them is a cut-back, of some sort, at their
shiny, modern facility in Singapore.
Will I go to hell for smiling about that bit of news?

The folks currently working in Florida are still working
short weeks (thirty-two hours). Indefinitely.
There may be a total plant shut-down for the month of May.
They are expecting no improvement in business this year.
At all.

For anyone who cares to leave a comment here, thank you,
in advance. But, let me say this:
It better not include anything even remotely similar to
"it isn't really that bad out there." Seriously.

Oh, yes, the good news:
After charging almost two thousand dollars in car repairs
and maintenance (and still paying that off slowly), the car
still runs well. It looks like shit but, it runs.

And lastly, none of my unemployment checks have bounced.

There is no good news about the new venture at this time.
I have not given up. It is on hold for the time being.


"That Dude" said...

Well, at least you're getting a check and not an IOU.

Jean said...

True, true.

curmudgeon said...

Riddle me this: What fucking moron would say something like "it isn't really that bad out there."?
Anyone with access to any news source would know better.

Gee whiz.

Erica said...

It IS really that bad out there. There's not one of us at my job who is not scared shitless, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is absolutely TERRIBLE out there.

Corby said...

it sucks ass out there...


Blaez said...


I know the feeling. Last January when I was laid off from TheFirm it was devastating... And only a moment after New Years Eve.

This New Years brought with the NewEmployer wage freezes and cut hours... I'm scared.

Anyone who says its not bad must be a moron.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, Glenn Reynolds can suck it, for all I care. It really IS that bad.

I'm gonna miss our Pirate Palapa, but not my little town. We moved out yesterday, headed to the big city north of said little town to hunker down for the long haul.


kdzu said...

To say it is not bad would be to laugh in the face of the grizzly bear that is about to eat you. That being least now the economy and the governments insane policies have gotten most people's attention.
How we react to all of this will, in large part, determine how we come out on the other end.
I chose not to go quietly into the dark night....on the other hand I'm not going to rage against the darkness without doing all I can to bring light to me and those around me.
Stupid me...I'm starting yet another venture into the deep end of the pool. Hopefully, the website will be up by the end of the week.
As lil' Tiny Tim said, "God Bless us all Everyone.

boneman said...

....oh geez. It's me, isn't it?

The thing is, when I say it isn't that bad out there...what I mean is, we are good folks.
Morons on wall street have government hoodwinked. Maybe there's something to that.
But I ain't counting on government OR big business on digging anybody out of the hole we're in.

I'm looking for us, the PEOPLE US to getting out of the fix we're in.
Danged government could let up on some of thewir negative concepts and let us GROW!

Some Guy said...

It's brutal out there right now. I work for the university--where historically you're safe from job cuts--and we're taking mandatory furloughs following layoffs of more than 550 employees.

Jean said...

I'm seriously wondering if my ex-employer will be in business at all after this year.

(hello, Mark!)

Freddie said...

You're still in my thoughts and prayers, Jean. And, my offer still stands... Should your search lead you up this way, I'd be happy to help if I can.

Maiden said...

Or we could rob a bank... or a hot dog stand. Mmm, hotdogs.

Scott from Oregon said...

I tell people to rethink local economies. Local flowers grown and sold... Local food grown and sold... local local local...

It's a chance to reconnect with neighbors and community.

(But I am soory to hear you are out of work. That sucks big time.)

Anonymous said...

The economy here in E TN is awful.
Large and small corp. either laying off or closing all together. I'll keep you in my thoughts when talking to the "MAN" upstairs.

Jean said...

Scott, I lost my job two months ago, in the LAST lay-off.

I am very much in favor of local.

Enigma said...

Jean, regarding the new venture. Don't give up!

Jean said...

Enigma, nope. Not going to give up.

tammi said...

Damn Damn Damn. I HATE that you're having to deal with all that. We did a "re-engineering" in another zone last week and they cut 3 jobs. I actually got tears on my eyes just thinking about how horrible it is out there.

It sucks. Period.

But...please don't give up. Companies are hiring, and I'll send you any leads I come across.

And I'd be doing the damned happy dance about that Singapore plant. That's a real hot button for me.