Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Haiku duh...

Sparrow rants at IDIOTS.
UPDATE: voting continues until 11 pm Thursday.

my entries for this week:

Well, duh. Of course the
coffee is hot. And, it ought
not be in your lap!
You had the best love
of your life with me. The path
does not come back here.
Fool me once, poor me.
Fool me twice and I am the
idiot savant.
Four and twenty black
birds baked in a pie won't fit
in the damn oven.

Deadline for entries is 10 pm tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ha! They're all good (naturally), but I really LOVE that last one!


boneman said...

The last two are the absolute best!

....but, since the topic is 'idiot' I have an edge!

Jean said...

Thanks, Freddie. I can't wait to see what the competition brings :-D

Berry, shame on you. Not true.
You have an edge because you are talented. (thanks for the kudos)

boneman said...

yeah....but, I am also a talented idiot!

Ardlair said...

Why do I always get told off?

Jean said...

Ardlair, somehow I think you may be exaggerating. Yes, I do.


Anonymous said...

Without helmets they ride
Rock, ice, sand on pavement remain
Now combined with fresh blood

Yeah, a few motorcyclists are out on the road already, even though there's still way too much ice for me to want to risk it....


curmudgeon said...

Sorry, the only thing I come up with is a reference to the one in the White House.

I'm trying to stop! Really! I am!

kdzu said...

Having eaten a 4 and twenty blackbird pie (think chicken pot pie, only with blackbird) I can attest to the fact that it will indeed fit.....and didn't taste all that bad either. Of course I've eaten possum also....kinda like pig but greasier. The sweet potatoes were the best part. There was something about the birdshot we kept crunching into that threw me off.

Irrelephant said...

HAH! Love the last one! Well done!

Jean said...

-RP... who might you be?

Cactus Mark said...

Very nice!

Jean said...

Thanks, Mark...I won this week!

randompawses said...

"-RP... who might you be?"

Just another blogger with a slightly (okay, mostly) warped sense of humor, who's behind on her blog reading. ;-)


Jean said...

heh... I visited. I liked :-D
I'll be back.
You're welcome here anytime.

randompawses said...

Thank you, Jean. I rather like your site, too - good stuff here. :-D I need to put you in my regular visit line-up.
Feel free to visit me any time you'd like!