Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Choo-Choo Haiku...

I shall have to ponder some on this topic for
Sparrow's Weekly Haiku Contest- TRAINS

Submit your entries by 10 pm Wednesday.

She gives a prize, ya know.

Rock me gently as
you take me where I want to
be. Wrapped in his arms.

The moon follows our
rail journey by hopping from
mountain to mountain.

I think the caboose
is my favorite part. Just
along for the ride.

UPDATE: Vote for your favorite by 11 pm Thursday!


curmudgeon said...

I see the long train
Go into the dark tunnel
And I get worked up.


boneman said...

well, did it.
Probably too predictable, though.

Jean said...

Dave!.....turn that in!!!

It's a great one, Berry.

Anonymous said...

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