Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Carry on...

VOTE for your favorite haiku by 11 pm Thursday.

Sparrow wants us all to focus on our STRENGTH
as a country, as individuals in this country, instead
of just whining about the current state of the economy.

I couldn't agree more.

Go. Submit your haiku.
Deadline for entries is 10 pm Wednesday.

my entries:

to never give up, never
give in. Survival.
One person at a
time. Rebuild what is broken.
We will grow again.
Don't get in my way.
I am working on my life.
Sweat equity wins.


boneman said...

well, I did.
Two, actually. Different as night and day, but, with a topic like that, what can ya expect.
After reading troll's two takes on it, though, I thought I may have missed something, so I read the whole page again, and the contrary side of my nature popped up and i posted that, too.

Just never did know when to quit.

Jean said...

You did fine, Berry.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Jean - you should be working for Hallmark!

Jean said...

Thanks, Vanessa. Somehow, I'd be surprised if they are hiring either.

Brigid said...

I voted - it was an awesome Haiku Jean.

Jean said...

thank you, dear B!

Enigma said...

I love your first and third entries Jean!

Bran said...

Join hands
the Eagle rises
From across the big pond - sending positive "vibes" it will all get much better when we all work together.

Jean said...

Thank you, Enigma.

Bran, good to see you :-)

Froth said...

Sweat equity, baby. Love that.

Jean said...

Hiya, Kim!! Welcome welcome back!

Deadman said...

Strength is a thing of

the past now that we have the

metro-sexual prez.