Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly Haiku Contest...

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~~~~~LOVE~~~~~ at Sparrow's.

All that I am is
here for you. All that you are
is all that I love.


Well, whad'dya know?
I find you on my doorstep,
after all this time.


We give it meaning
by living it every day.
Together. In truth.


Lee said...

Lovely. I am very envious of how you can catch the essence of something in such a restricted structure.

Enigma said...
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Enigma said...

You win hands down. I can identify with ALL THREE of these.
Nicely written!

kdzu said...

Happy Valentine Day Darlin'

Jean said...

Lee, thank you. However, my conversations can go on for hours :-)

Thanks, E...but it looks like competition has increased!

aw, Larry. Happy Valentine Day to you, dear man.

Grumpyunk said...

Jean, you rock, girl. Sorry for not keeping in touch.
Despite my absence, I have been thinking of you. Hope all is well. Unk

Jean said...

Unk!! SO GOOD to see you :-)
Hope you have been ok. I have been worried.