Thursday, January 03, 2008

This just ain't right!...

I don't own enough clothes for this kind of weather.
Holy crap, it's cold!!

Joan says it best.
Read the comments, too.

I'm crawling back under the blankets and plugging
in another heater. Someone call me when it gets to 60.


Erica said...

Youse peeps in Florida...hahaha, youse go all loco at the slightest hint of a cold snap.

Try sleeping as you were brought into the world and it'll build a little toughness. I promise.


Jean said...

ohhhhh, Erica my friend.
That is not funny. nuh uh.
This is not a 'cold snap'!
This is karma getting me for the haiku I left at Sparrow's about snow shovels.


Erica said...

Oh, a haiku….like this:

The Florida peeps
Freak over a little chill
Ain’t youse got no grit?


I heart you, Jean. Make sure you dress in layers, button up when you go outside — if you [aren’t afraid to] go outside, and wear a scarf over your mouth.


Jean said...

I heart you too, dear.

I hate grits.
But... you just gave me the idea to go get some biscuits and gravy!

(hate admit it, but the haiku is pretty damn good. You should write some for Sparrow!)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey Jean, thanks for the nod... or were you just shaking violently from the cold?

I did get to wear my fur-cuffed gloves today, so, you know, not all bad.

The Statue of David must be especially cold today...

Jean said...

pics of the statue might make people believe we're not kidding.. :)

Corby said...

Nope, you will not get my sympathy when my car thermostat registered a 2 degrees when I was going to work today. Although we may get to a balmy 60 degrees here this weekend, which for us thick blooded folks equals shorts and a picnic in the melting snow piles.

And be sure we know a thing or two about snow.
The best bet is to find someone who generates good body heat to snuggle up to!


Jean said...

I admit, after more than 30 years here, I am a wuss.
The search for body heat continues :)

Doom said...

I had to look around a bit, as I have never bought womans long unders, and couldn't remember even where I had purchased some of mine, but I think I found what you need. Well, if global warming keeps going, of course. *gack* And, it would save you enough on heating bills to be worth buying a couple of sets. Decent pj's too, if your are into them. (also tactical, so you can sneak up on and catch a man beast, for added heat... sneaky)

The other thing I use to keep warm is... hot potatoes. I'm a potato eater anyway, and baking them also warms the place (I don't like them made in the microwave, they taste weird). Plus, if you do go out, put a hot potato in each pocket. They might not be tasty plain, but it would warm you to eat or hold. Try yams if you want to eat them and don't like plain golds, russets, or reds. I do potatoes because sometimes I just get cold down to my bones and need some high heat to recharge. Usually with butter and sour cream, or with the yams just as they are or with butter.

Anonymous said...

Torrential rain.
Hurricane force winds.
30 foot surf.
15 inches of rain and 10 feet of new snow.

Jean said...

Doom - ha...thanks, I'll check the site. And, I love baked potatoes :)

Jack - damn...sorry!

Anonymous said...

This mess sort of reminds of a Cat 1 hurricane. Next storm is due tomorrow.

Jean said...

Jack, stay safe!

Desert Cat said...

It's 70 here today and tomorrow, then rainy and 70 Sunday.

But I have to agree, after a decade and a half here, I find a high temp of 45 to be unacceptably cold.

Jean said...

Thank you, sir, for concurring!

Rantin' Ron said...

Too funny Jean darlin'! It's been around six degrees here each of the last three morning with four inches of snow. Today was a near tropical thirty degrees! I wore shorts!

Hang in there Florida girl. This too shall pass.

Jean said...

Shorts?? in 30 degrees???
Oh, you crazy, crazy man :)
It's getting the 60's!