Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Bucket List...

The list of things you want to do before
you kick the bucket.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

Awesome movie.


Winston said...

Have yet to see it, and have heard everything from best movie of the year to don't bother. I will definitely see it, just because I have so much respect for Jack and Morgan. And because you gave it two thumbs up...

Jean said...

I cried like a baby at the end, but I think it was more tears for me than the characters.

Carteach0 said...

I'll probably see it, now that you said something.

My own list of such has shortened tremendously lately. Reevaluation.

Jean said...

Honestly, my own list has one item and it isn't something anyone can make happen.

Corby said...

I want to have sex with a very experienced man before I die damn it.
One that makes me feel like I am made out of gold or the finest feathers.

-ah well one can only hope.


Lin M. said...

One can only hope indeed.

But for now the list is down to going back to Scotland to visit and getting the book published.

Corby said...

sorry did I say that out loud???


Carteach0 said...

Yes Corby, and it's Okay.

Understood.... I have a similar wish... with just one person in mind.

Andrea said...

Gotta see the Northern Lights, travel thru Europe, visit all of our great states, just to name a few.

We want to see that movie. Better get on top of that!

RobC said...

It is only when you make a list that things start getting ticked off... often in the most amusing way.
The movie only opens here in March and is now on my list! :-)

Journey said...

Hope you're well despite layoffs. We're having massive ones at my firm too.

But on the positive side... I created my bucket list 7 days after my diagnosis at the suggestion from a woman battling breast cancer. She had regretted focusing so much on her battling that she forgot to focus on living and then when she realized she had little time to live, she was too sick to experience life and felt cheated and angry. She told me not to make the same mistake and to defer my treatment till I accomplished the top ten of my list of 50.

Why fulfill the top ten first, I asked. She said: 'cause from here on end you're living on borrowed time, which means you best live greedily in order to cheat life back.

Well, I've written about my bucket lists and finally accomplishing all 50. It felt damn good.

Jean, a few things I learned about my list: it don't matter when you start, how old you are, or how long it takes you to complete the list; what matters is that you're alive to try and make them a reality. And till you do, at least you have your dreams!

That a better kind of living than I did before my diagnosis. So I'm one of those stupid ones who says getting cancer changed my life... each time.