Friday, January 04, 2008

foul mood rising...

so it comes.
so it stays.
so it goes.


Rick said...

It's all an illusion [waving two Jedi fingers]. Rejoice.

Freddie said...

Trying to figure out where to hide from it, or at least where it might be safe to let it run its course... Difficult.

Love this post.

Lin said...

I'd call that "love and advection" but that's a secret pilot weather talk title. . :-)

Jean said...

Rick - life is an illusion... could be, could be.

Freddie - thank you.

Lin - Oxford dictionary says, "advection, n. the transfer of heat or matter by the flow of a fluid, especially horizontally in the atmosphere or the sea." Still kinda foggy :)

AspergantuS said...

I had an advection once. Took an antibiotomoninical and it cleared right up!!

Doom said...

Once you get into it, you can groove like a surfer slipping through the sludge of life. There is nothing like a good old slug in the reality face to make the good times better, or seem so... eventually.


Ha ha ha... Wipe-out!

Thanks for the reminder. :) Hope I didn't ruin your drudgery. My bad?

Jean said...

Mick...and, this is what you call 'better', eh? :o)

Doom - not bad, at all!

boneman said...

The fog that clouds our vision, the veil between us and computer savvy....
Well, Kate has that "scmoozer" award on her sidebar.
And, I'm fairly certyain she got it after you did.

Maybe SHE knows how to get pictures onto the sidebar?

Merelyme said...

i do like this... and i can so relate. so nice to meet you jean. i have been wanting to find some poets. i dabble a little here and there. perhaps you will inspire me to post some.

Jean said...

Berry - I'll keep trying...heh.

Merelyme - If your poems are as touching as your other posts, they will be well worth reading.