Monday, January 14, 2008


I've added three milblogs to my sidebar:

A Soldier's Journey

Iraq: The Purgatorium

Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure

They're all different. They're all good.

Sgt. Hook has been on my sidebar for a while, of course.


boneman said...

went to three of em, left comments at two.
Didn't understand the first one. I'll try again on another day.

Got some time on the computer machine today because ol' Steve took off for California (Winter Wineland Tasting) and needed a few groceries and stuff.
Now I'm off for home.

I like the "Blank" poem just under here.
It kind'a sneaks up on you 'cause it seems to be two parts of a similar story.

I liked the turn of the phrase at the bottom of A
I liked undeja vu in both
I liked the concept "there's no one here anymore" but, running them together makes my brain say noon e here.

(brain full, now. Can I go home?)

Merelyme said...

i will have to go check them out...thanks for sharing.

Jean said...

Berry - ha!...yes, go rest.

Merelyme - you're welcome, dear.