Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Was I Thinking???...

I need to have my head examined. Thoroughly.

All of my adult life I've had a house full of pets.
The past year and a half has been rough because I've lost
so many of them. Three cats... Pissy, Felix and Bubba...
to old age. One cat... Patch... ran away.
And, of course, my sweet, old dog Corky.

After Corky died, the only critter left was Bubba. I felt bad
about him being alone in the house all day, but I did not look
for another cat right away. I needed grieving time.

BUT... about three weeks after Corky died, one of my co-workers
approached me with an offer. Her mother had a two year old male
cat that she could not keep, for complicated but legitimate reasons.
After some serious pondering... well, maybe twenty-four hours...
I agreed to go meet the cat (Tiki) and see how I felt about him.

Of course, he was loveable, sweet and cute. I took him home.
First thing I did was change his name. He is not a 'Tiki'.
He's about the size of a cement block with short legs... and klutzy.
By the end of his first day here, I started calling him 'Putz'.
It fits and he doesn't seem to care.

So, after Bubba died, Putz is left as the sole critter in the house.
This time, though, I'm thinking this is not a bad thing. He was the
only pet in the household he came from. This could be ok.
I tell myself, with only one cat and no dog, life will be easier for me.
No worries about animal care if I want to go away for a few days.

Are you getting an idea where this is going?

Another of my co-workers (I'm beginning to dislike these people)
lives with a couple and their two youngsters. They have a puppy.
These people have lost almost all interest in the puppy. They leave it
tied outside, under a tree... in the Florida heat!
The poor thing isn't even getting fed regularly. And, it is also starved
for attention. Of course. They're not even sure how old it is. Could
be anywhere from four to six months.

I saw a picture of it today on co-worker's cell phone.
Solid black, short hair. Cute as all get-out. But...
not house-broken, yet.

I have a fenced yard. A garage. A big doghouse.
Today I bought puppy food and a knuckle bone.

I'm going to pick him up after work Friday... on a trial basis.

They call him Scruffy.
I'm thinking... Sparky.


ArtfulSub said...

I'd have to know what breed it is before offering full approval. Generally, I'd say it's a good idea to bring in a pup in your situation.

AspergantuS said...

Hmmm... Sounds like the Ponder-osa is starting to fill up with the pitter patter of little feet again. Methinks it is a healthy addition.

Hammer said...

I'm sucker for abused and unwanted animals too. My wife is bad about picking them up, I can't say no.

Good luck with the new puppy.

Rantin' Ron said...

Not that I don't love our little puppy Molly but having a pet really DOES interfere with travel plans. Not that I really like traveling all that much these days but....well you know.

I would be amazed if a kind hearted person like yourself didn't rescue a pooch, cat or two...or four..or five.

Be careful...before you know it, you may end up with another menagerie.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you're hooked, once again. It's what you do.

Trial my fat rebel ass..........

k said...


Winston said...

Hang up a sign out front that says "Jean's Animal Shelter." You call it a "trial basis", but by renaming him before he moves in, it sounds more like love at first bite.

I too am a sucker for them, especially kittens. Every time I see someone giving a new litter away, I want to bring them all home. But Roomie usually pulls me away like she would a brat kid, yelling and screaming and crying.

Best wishes with the new "family unit."

Anonymous said...

sparky sounds good to me
Mr. Rick

bonnie said...

I agree with snog dot and winston, this will NOT be a trial. Sparky has already wormed his way into your heart. Have fun trying to housebreak him. Oh, and I sure hope he likes cats.

boneman said...

yup...I knew that was going to happen.

Ah well, y'can't help who you are, gal! And, yer a lover of life!

Meanwhile, there's a new blog that uses three words to make stuff (poems, stories, essays, whatever) and it's posted with a connector link over t'my place.
And, there is no more Walking on Alligators, except the book and Amazon.com, so until they relinquish it for use again, oh well.

I kind'a like the new namw, though.
Taking the Bull by the Horns along with the address is almost funny, eh?

Hi! Sparky! You listen to Putz, now. The nice lady will probably be bringing you nibbles from the grocery.....

Corby said...

I just woke from a brief nap after a fit of painting. On the bed, my loyal black dog curled around me. On the floor my loyal yellow dog waiting for dinner. I wouldn't trade it, get him and he will be there for you in the darkest of times as you are for him!


Little Lamb said...

Its very hard to loose a pet. That's the one thing I always hated about being a pet owner.

Blaez said...

we with huge hearts can never turn down animals. we want to give love so badly so we give it to those who are "less fortunate" and more deserving because they will appreciate it more. like kitties and puppies.

congratulations on the addition to your home, Jean.

Jean said...

as - the wife thinks it is a Lab, the hubbie says no... maybe the vet can help identify him.

Mick, thanks... I'm hoping we'll be good for each other and Putz.

Thanks, Hammer... I had a feeling you had a soft heart :)

Ron - ha... I'm going to need more self-control, for sure. I'm thinking a wild puppy might make me think more than twice the next time!

Jack - hehehe... you picked up on that, eh?

k - yeah, this should be interesting!

aw, Winston... I love kittens, too. I have to avoid shelters and pet stores.
The only sign I bought so far is a new 'Beware of the Dog' :)

Mr. Rick - ok then, if you like it...Sparky it is. (hi, sweetie)

Bonnie - I hope I can housebreak him quickly...and, the cat thing has me a little nervous.

Berry - I like your new blog and the name... I'll change my sidebar right away.

Corby - they can be much comfort, for sure.

lamb - there isn't much worse pain than that, I know.
Welcome to my blog!

Jean said...

thanks, Blaez... another kind soul :)

Irrelephant said...

Sucker! But *big hugs* for being one. I swore I'd never have more than two cats in my house. I've now got six, every one a rescue of one form or the other, and two dogs (one rescue,) and right now a baby squirrel who took a tumble out of his nest and is being bottle fed every three hours and kept under a heating pad and blankies.

*shaking my head* Who ever said "There can be only one" never had animals.

kdzu said...

Well, getting a Lab sorta makes up for your having a cat. Fine dogs they are, except for the chewing on everything in sight when young. They really do have a lot of love to give. And they're always faithful to those who give them just the least bit of attention. Word of caution though, from one who knows. Spend the time to train him. It doesn't take much really. My dogs love me when no one else does. Probably why I like them more. Good luck darling I know that you'll be a great dog owner.

Erica said...

My first (and only) dog was a little puppy, also abused, tied to a fence outside...BINGO was her name-o.

I think you're gonna have sooper mega success with Sparky...you're obviously terrific with pets, and staying with you is a whole helluva lot better than being food- and humanity-deprived.

People who do shit like that to animals need to feel, in the very least, equal amount of pain, discomfort, hunger and suffering that they put their animal through.

Jean said...

Irrelephant - saving a baby squirrel... good on ya!
Critters are kinda like chips... betcha can't have just one! heh.

Larry - This poor puppy has been ignored for months! I may come looking to you for some advice, dear.

Erica - Bingo!...I like it. :)
I may have a difficult time being civil to these people. I probably won't stay long... just grab Sparky and run home.

she said...

on a trial basis? uh oh. i dont think so. grrherhaha

Desert Cat said...

Some of us are animal magnets. I know I am, whether I want it or not. Seven cats indoors and another six (plus or minus) at the back door...

I'm not even living out at my farm, and a momma cat with two kittens has already moved in. Last weekend a mixed-breed puppy thought he'd make the place home. He wouldn't leave and he seemed to have no sense whatsoever that "home" was in any other particular direction.

Dogs should know better with me--I'm not a dog person. But he had a winning way, enough for us to take a kindness to bring him back into town (from where we figure his former owner brought him to dump in the country) to hopefully find someone who did want him.

Dogs are great animals if you need someone to make you feel like a million bucks, even when you think you're chump change. The li'l bugger almost had me. I just escaped in time.

sparrow said...

Trial? Forgone conclusion, I say.

I hate it when people ingnore their animals -- do these people have children? If they can't take care of a dog properly, I feel sorry for their kids! I would keep Child Protective Services on speed dial. Grrr!

Congratulations, new mom!

Jean said...

she - heh...that seems to be the general consensus.

D.C. - 'animal magnets'... oh, yeah. I usually have a preference for cats, but you're right... dogs can be great for the ego.
The little guy almost got ya, eh? Sweet.

Sparrow - yes, these folks have two younguns. I'll be curious to see what they are like.
heh...will you be Aunt Sparrow?

Valerie - Still Riding said...

Thank you, Jean. I don't feel so alone now...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did. You don't test drive critters, you just adopt..on the spot. Good for you.

sparrow said...

Aunt Sparrow, Doggie Godmother, whatever, I do love the pups! If I had the place for them I'd have a whole herd. Cats not so much, though I've had a few peripherally.

Scott from Oregon said...

You are a lifelong sucker.

That is a good thing when it comes to animals, not so good when it comes to people.

Jean said...

Val - mia compadre! heh

Jack - he's doing well so far.

Sparrow - Aunt Sparrow it is.

Scott - heh, yeah... now, if I can only remember the difference :)

curmudgeon said...

Sparky? You're naming him after me? I'm flattered!


Jean said...

hehehe...consider him your grandson... :)