Wednesday, August 22, 2007


no one cries
like you do.
no heart aches
like yours.


Irrelephant said...

I've fallen so far behind in my reading, and when I catch up, there's a little sweetness like this waiting for me, a little bittersweet crumb of chocolate left behind.

Jean said...

Irrelephant - aw... that was sweet!

AspergantuS said...

no one cries
like you do.
(Because when I cry, my nose gets clogged up and I make this real funny noise)

no heart aches
like yours
(mostly cause I wear it on my sleeve and I keep bumping it into things)

Your right Irrelephant, a tiny morsel of bittersweet... good for the soul.

Thanks Jean, yer a peach!!

Jean said...

Mick - you goof... thank you, dear man.

boneman said...

has the minimalism worn off onto you, gal? Still, very nice, and, almost pointedly so.
Kind'a reminiscent (of someone who can't

kind'a reminds me of the song Carly knocked off (too) many years ago about the person looking in the mirror,
yer so vain?

But, maybe not, and if this is one of those times when I've totally missed the point, well, just write it off as me being a guy.

Jean said...

Berry - vanity? sorry, no. Not in my meaning here, anyway.
Even though we all experience pain and heartache, and there are similarities... my pain does not feel like your pain. It is mine. Yours is yours.
Perhaps some see some vanity in that, but I see it as the uniqueness of each person's experience... the way it feels, the reasons it is felt and the way each of us deals with it.
But, as always, words are interpreted uniquely by each individual. You can have your own interpretation and it is ok.

Could also read this as someone observing someone else in pain.
And, perhaps not fully understanding it but feeling empathy for the other person.

B.C. said...

Jean, I found this lovely person's site via GuyK.

Valerie - Still Riding said...

perhaps just acknowledging that my heart aches as yours does - we are all the same.

We are all the same.


Jean said...

b.c. - thanks, I'll go look!

Val - hugs to you :)

k said...

What you have there, folks, in Vinegar and Honey is Jan.

My blogdaughter.

She is just lovely. Lovely. I could not be more proud of something I did absolutely nothing to achieve.