Wednesday, August 01, 2007

babble, babble, babble...

Creativity is at an ebb... a very low ebb.

Kinda feel like I'm riding one of those Tilt-A-Whirls
at the county fair, what with all that's been happening
in my small world.

My weekend away was... well, different than expected.
Not terrible by any means, but disappointing.

New owners at work are flexing their testosterone-control.
Employee morale is taking a nose-dive.
Business has slowed, so the usual worries about lay-offs are
breeding all kinds of rumors, even though we know that
manufacturing is cyclical.
One of the recently retired employees passed away after
battling cancer. Such a nice man, only 58.
Then one of my co-workers was fired, although justifiably so.
Yesterday, we were informed that a new manager had been
found dead in his home. Completely stunned by that news.

Of course, losing my baby Bubba has added to the emotional

However, T1G put up a post at rsm's blog letting us know what
we are allowed to send Scott while he is in basic.
That is now at the top of my list of things to do.

I have two posts in draft. It will be a coin-toss as to which one
gets posted first, but one is a response to a request from Eric
from a few months ago. The other is more of a rant.

Anyway, here's hoping all of you have a good day...
time for me to get ready for work.


kdzu said...

Rant on Jean, Rant on. Or the other if you prefer. Just so we see your word on the screen and know you're there.

boneman said...

Gal, if I had but fifteen minutes in my life these past few days I'd'a called ya, but dang! Seems like everyone's got something fer me t'do....
I don't mind, though. It sort'a makes me ferget how much m'back hurts (from the car accident) and fer that matter, I don't have time to think about being lonely, either.

So, how about this....
(and it's only a suggestion..)
keep yer eyes and mind peeled and clear...
Y'just might see some poor ol' critter that needs yer attention.
Y'don't neccessarily (I really ought'a look up the spelling of that word...) have t'take it in. It may be some missed the pack flamingo wanderin' around lookin' fer handouts...or a sandfhill crane that fergot t'fly back t'Indiana last spring....they would feed nicely on sunflower seeds and such....or maybe even some gator what lost his pond to modern developers (and fer sure, don't take THAT one in...) (developers OR gators) probably your local DNR would replace gator to an availiable swamp....
any DNR agent worth his beans would just SHOOT the developer and dispose of the body in same swamp as many hungry gators....(oh, that's so mean, I reckon...)

Anyway, here's hoping you the best on this fine Wednesday, and, gosh, how about a raise fer the "micro-engineer", too!?!

Sparrow said...

It's a disturbance in the force, magnified by the loss of your beloved Bubba.

I blame it on the new Harry Potter book.

boneman said...

Oh yeah...
I've captured the said symbol and when I get back to this here computer machine, I'll send it to ya, ready to post.

Anonymous said...

.. .whoo hoo!...


Jean said...

Larry - I'm here, m'dear. More physical than mental, perhaps, but I'm here.

Berry - sorry you're so crazy busy, I would love a chat. Hopefully soon. And... don't let that back pain go untended.
I'll keep an eye out for a lost critter and tell 'em Berry sent me :)
The best to you, too, dear man.

Sparrow - ahhh, Mr Potter. That explains it!

Eric - heh... you remember that request? Of course you do... almost perfect memory!

boneman said...

....and today, when y'get home from work, there it will be, an attachment in yer e-male....

I think you can drop it into yer post, but, since the other day, I've discovered I'm quite stupid about the template stuff.
I can help fill yer blog-roll, but, as fer the other...kerplunk deegeedeegeedeegeebump! bump! babump!

Irrelephant said...

Oh dear girl... *hug* I've fallen so far behind in my blog reading, and I find that you've been having a horrific series of days too. The best I can say, as trite as it sounds, is that life too is cyclical. The Wheel will keep turning, and soon you'll be on the top again, looking out across the endless vistas.

I promise.

Jean said...

Berry - thanks, hon!

Irrel - ever hopeful, appreciated :)

Valerie - Still Riding said...



It's all I can do from here. :(