Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boneman's new blog...

Poor Berry. He lost his Walking on Alligators blog.
Not one to give up, however, he quickly set up a new blog:

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns ...go visit, please.

It won't take him long to put up plenty of posts that will
awe you with his artistry, humor and opinions. Trust me.

Another item: Lurkers

Since I only average about thirty-five hits a day here, it's
easy and fun for me to check my sitemeter to see who has
been visiting when and from where.
I've been noticing some repeats, but they have yet to comment.
Not that that's a big deal... I'm just a curious sort. So, if these folks
would care to reveal themselves, either in comments or email, I
would love to know who they are and what keeps them coming back.

A partial list:
*Someone from Robert Bosch Corp.
*Someone using RoadRunner out of Memphis, NY via ChromedCurses.
* out of Athens, Georgia via These Moments.
*Someone from French Village, Nova Scotia.
*Someone from Corning Fiber Corp. New York.

I hope to hear from you and anyone else who quietly comes by
to read.
To all those who leave comments regularly or once in a while...
I luv ya!

p.s. HB... you're a Hoosier, but you get here from an ISP in Connecticut?


Little Lamb said...

Ah, but what do you know about me?

Where can I get one of those?

kdzu said...

Thought for a moment that might be my eldest, but I see they come via another blogger.
I'm a little envious of the number of hits you get.. suppose I get about the number I deserve. I spent my whole life being a lone wolf and now that i've degenerated somewhat my aura still sets them off. Keep on keeping on and I'll keep dropping by.

Jean said...

lamby - I know you found me through Boneman and I think you are in Florida.
Scroll to the bottom of my page then, click on the box for sitemeter. When that page comes up, look at the top left and click on Home. Easy instructions there.

Larry - You are one of my bestest favorites, ya know!

Hammer said...

I always read but don't always comment. Your words usually leave me speechless and often reflective.

Little Lamb said...

I did find you from boneman and I do live in Florida. I know you do too, from your profile.

This past winter we had was wonderful. The weather was just right.

Thanks for showing me how to get one.

Rick said...

Every blogger's conundrum... why are people so bashful?

hoosierboy said...

Comcast routes through Connecticut. I rarely comment, because I usually have nothing worthwhile to add to the conversation. I cannot even write a limerick, so I love your poetry. But you know I read every day!

Jean said...

Hammer - I know you come by often and I visit your site nearly every day. You usually leave me laughing so hard I can't type (how's that for an excuse?). I'm glad you keep reading.

Lamby - you're welcome, dear!

Rick - I know I was shy about commenting before I had my own blog.

HB -ah, that solves the puzzle!
I'm glad you like the poetry...thanks.

Erica said...

Not only that, but someone who generally frequents both of us from Tennessee routes through Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Which makes my Melville, NY thing (given that I'm in Brooklyn) not seem so weird.

Jean said...

Erica - ah, yes.... that someone who likes these ellipse thingies...

Winston said...

The ones that always raise my attention and paranoia levels are the repeat visitors from an IP address in Turkey or Brussels or Indonesia. Who are these folks and why are they visiting day after day for long periods of time?

I don't always leave a comment because you so often take my breath away...

Jean said...

ah, Sir Winston...quality is better than quanity. You are that.

I had a long stretch of hits from China that made me fidget a bit, and a few from our gov't. hmmm?

John C said...

I love the thoughts...distilled into one word or two words or three. A challenge, a laugh, a moment alone.


Jean said...

John C - a new voice heard!
Thank you so much. Please keep visiting...

Justin said...


I'm from Singapore. I came across your blog when reading Alan's These Moments Blog. Well, both of you have good stuffs reflecting the simplicities of life. Often, reading your blog makes me pause for a moment and reflect.


Jean said...

Justin - ahhhh, the visitor from Singapore. Welcome! I love alan's blog, too.
That my words make you pause and reflect... what more could I ask?
Thank you for commenting.

imp said...

*Someone using RoadRunner out of Memphis, NY via ChromedCurses

*waves*...That would be me.
You awe and inspire me Dear Lady!

Jean said...

Hi imp! *waving*
How sweet you are... thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!