Thursday, August 30, 2007

Twice in twenty years...

It isn't about the flowers. Or any other gift.
It's about the effort.
It's about letting her know you value her.

Slow dance with her... in the kitchen, on the porch.
Even if you can't dance you can hold her tenderly
and sway with the music. Then tell her she smells nice.
Even if she isn't wearing perfume.

Tell her she's pretty when she isn't dressed up.

Leave a note on her pillow. Write, "I love you."

Bring her a flower when there is no special occasion.

Don't take it for granted that she knows how you feel
just because you're still around.
She wants to hear it. She wants to see it.

Do you like her laugh, her eyes, her hair, her legs?
Tell her.

If you don't love her enough to keep letting her know it...
Break her heart once, not every day for the rest of her life.


B.C. said...


Freddie said...

So true.

Jean said...

B.C. - hope that means you like it :)

Freddie - ...and women need to do the same, right?

The Atavist said...

Very eloquent, Jean. The male/female dance of life has always fascinated (and often frustrated) me and I wonder sometimes how it is that given our gender differences we have managed to propagate many generations of offspring.

I like your insights.

Desert Cat said...

And when she comes out of the shower after she's been seeing her middle-aged body in the mirror, whistle and exclaim, "Hot pink chickie!"

Ok, that's not quite in the spirit of this post, but I ga-ran-tay ya guys, if you say it ever time like ya mean it, it'll segue...

Freddie said...

Absolutely Jean. I expounded on it at my place (and thanks for the inspiration - I sure needed some). ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean, we can all use a little reminder now and then. I'll always wonder if did enough.

curmudgeon said...

I tell her I love her hairy legs all the time!

Jean said...

Thank you, Atavist... there are many mysteries to ponder yet.
I think simple raging hormones helped populate the planet... not much else.

D.C. - heh... I considered putting something similar in this post, but you say it better than I was thing it :)

Freddie - I just read your post. I think you got it pretty well covered!

Jack - Stop wondering. I imagine you did very well.

Dave - heh...that's the idea. Good boy!

kdzu said...

And sometimes the ladies need to do the letting know also. It doesn't have to be much, a hand on the shoulder in passing just because you're there is nice, or be the first to initiate the kiss.

Kim said...

I'm very lucky. I have a "give flowers spontaneously" sort of guy. Not huge honking bouquets, just flowers. In fact, roses are usually frozen so they suck.
Anyway, great post.
The "I love you's" are key. With kids, too.

Jean said...

Larry - I completely agree. We need to do our part also. Freddie said it well on her blog.

Kim - Yes, you are lucky. I'd be pleased with a flower from a field or begged from a neighbor's yard :)
"I love you" needs to be said often, too. Thanks.

Mo K said...

Hi, Jean. Saw ya at Kim's site and decided to drop by. Nice blog, and very sweet post!
I've been married for 18 yrs. this October, and I must say, Mr. Mo has been very good in all those areas. He's a romantic at heart (even if he is the quite the "K"urmudgeon at times--I've grown fond of that, actually-- it's never directed at me :-)
P.S. Kim did post one pic of "The Marlboro Man" (in the "Dirty Men" post). I had to give him a hard time for not devoting a whole Friday entry to my fave celebrity hunk ;-)

Jean said...

Welcome, Mo K... sounds like you got yourself a keeper!
Thanks for visiting here :)

og said...

Damn, I wish I could do something to undo what you've been through, I really do. Still, the pain you've had has focussed your talents. Keep it up- and heal.


Jean said...

Dear Og, my healing is continuing.
This seems to be the best way to make use of my life, so even though it sounds weird to say "it was worth it"....I think you know what I mean. My way of producing something good.
Thank you for being here.

Rantin' Ron said... are a writin' fool darlin'.

Very well said as usual.

I honestly believe that if you're with the woman you truly love, you'll do those things without thinking about it.

I don't think a single day goes by when I don't wake up and tell Michelle that she "did it again".

Every morning, she looks at me and asks, 'What did I do?"

Each time I tell her that she got more beautiful overnight.

Sounds silly and sappy's the truth.

I wish that and much more for you my friend.

I'll email soon.

Jean said...

Ron - you are one big sweetheart.

beansgal said...


Here is my private comment to you in a public forum...........your writing ......every time I visit your blog.......I come away more impressed with you and your craft

Jean said...

Thank you, my dear friend. Love ya.

Corby said...

Ahhh how true, it breaks my heart!

Valerie - Still Riding said...

Love 'em while ya got 'em!

Both ways, of course!

AspergantuS said...

Share your love abound
Leave no heart crying in pain
Keep no heart that lies


Jean said...

Corby - there are some who understand. Have faith in that.

Val - oh, yeah... do it right so there will be no regrets.

Mick - truly beautiful, that. Thanks!

RobC said...

Alas I learnt this too late... but now I know. :-)

Jean said...

robc - you're still alive, it's not too late.