Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn...

I didn't notice until I looked at the calendar.
The temps here are declining ever so gradually,
as always. I think it's been a whole week of not
getting above 90. Almost pleasant. Still humid.
Next month should be cool enough to go to the beach.

It's true, I live in Florida and I don't like the beach
in hot weather. Fall and winter are much nicer and
the people are fewer.

My head's been full of whiny, screechy noises lately.
I bore myself. I lose patience with myself.
I know so many who are going through much worse
than what nags at me. I may have to start making a
list of reasons I have to be grateful. Perspective, ya know.

Last night I went through some of my first posts, thinking
I would rework/edit some to see if I could make them better.
I didn't get far. Some of the old stuff is plain embarrassing.
My voice was different then. I spent a lot of time and space
just dumping and flushing. Necessary, at the time, I guess.

I wonder now what is necessary besides surviving.
Exist and survive. Survive and exist. Energy draining.

Maybe I need more vitamins.


the walking man said...

Realize that every single heartbeat is a new life...kill the nagging voices in your head now and in less than a second you will be in peace.

Joe said...

I am no one to give anyone any advice (And that was a poorly worded sentence).

A born pessimist, I have taken to offering thanks every day when I get up and go to bed. Something good must have happened, even if I missed it. Second,I have convinced myself that if I focus on all that is bad/wrong in life, I miss out on the good stuff. I have to remind myself of that every day, but it gets me through until bed time.

When things go bad I just tell myself to treat it like water on a duck's back. That is my manta the past few years --"water on a duck's back". I say it fifty times a day. I don't always believe it, but I have to try.

End sermon, you will never get another from me. I just ain't qualified...

Fred said...

I've always liked your voice. It's why I've kept coming back over the years.

And I've always felt something good is coming for you.

...Just wish it would GET THERE already.

boneman said...

perspective is everything

Jean said...

I guess I'm doing something wrong. Or not enough. I dunno.

Joe said...

You are doing nothing wrong. yo uare living your life. It is all you can do.

kdzu said...

Always I said, 'not just exist, but live".
Some days though exist is about all that can be managed.
I think we have to go through those days to appreciate the ones where we truly live.
But, thankful for all of them. If not where would we be now.

Jean said...

I think what I'm doing wrong is breathing.