Monday, September 05, 2011

it's Labor Day...

dude, relax.

oh, wait, you don't have a j.o.b.
grab a cold one for me, wouldja?


Doom said...

*grab* *urp*

Sorry. The next one is yours.

I hope you can enjoy. As someone else who is out of work, if permanently it seems, I try to enjoy some of the holidays anyway. Oddly, this one, by working! :p Love the critter and attitude though. :)

foam said...


boneman said...

cute to beat the band.

make mine a wine, please?

Jean said...

Thanks, Doom. Make sure the brew is icey-cold, eh?

Back atcha, Foamy. Thanks xoxox.

Isn't he though, Berry?
Zinfandel, right?

boneman said...

honey, please.

the walking man said...

Hey you could come to Detroit and as long as you split the cost there would be plenty of folks willing to walk to the store and share a 40 with you.

The big O was here yesterday and it was a media event that didn't even make TV and now all my beautiful summer heat has gone bring a hoody Jean.

kdzu said...

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