Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Many Questions...

~Where's mama when you need her?
~Who'll get tired first?
~Are there elephant trunk prosthetics?
~Is the crocodile laughing?
~Why do I relate to the elephant and not the croc?
~Can a lesson be learned too late?
~Would anyone root for the crocodile?
~Do elephants pray?
~Where are the rest of the photos?
~Do you squinch up your eyes and turn away?

photo blatantly stolen from Cactus Mark.


Doom said...

Odd, even one such as I, a crocodile of sorts, is for the elephant. And, yes, the crocodile is laughing. He knows he can't actually win. He is teaching the elephant a lesson. "Pay attention! Stay out of my a.o.! I've got teeth, see, see. And I'm grumpy and hungry, and those two feed each other. See?"

Ah, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise? In this case, I think there will be profit though. Painful profit is profit none-the-less. And on the good side, that stressed disc in the elephant's back is being treated, nearly for free, making the eventual release a double joy! *evil grins*

Jester said...

poor thing :-(

kdzu said...

Mama told me there'd be days like this. What she didn't say is that they would last days, weeks.........
hell, sometimes for years.
This is gonna hurt for a while, I'm gonna have to walk into some tall grass to get anything to eat, and, I might have to try siphoning water up through me tail.
I wonder if he's getting tired?
Maybe I should stop pulling and run up there and stomp on his head.

Anonymous said...

I got a bunch more too!

Jean said...

Doom, you never fail to surprise me with your critiques and perspective.

Jester - welcome!

Larry - ha! You're in his head.

Mark, I bet you do. heh.

Jim - PRS said...

That is soooo sad. Then again, I find myself getting verklempt every time I think about "Dumbo" and the scene where his mother is in the cage, separated from him, and they touch trunks.

Jean said...

Jimbo, I've always shed tears at that movie. I figured the croc in this pic would make you cringe.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The ancient Greeks believe otters climbed into crocodile's mouths and ate their entrails.

Perhaps the elephant was looking for an otter?

Otterly ridiculous, I know.

Joe said...

Maybe the elephant is trying to pull the croc out of the water?

Everyone roots for Dumbo, never the crows.

Jean said...

J elephant with bad eyes?
Could be.

Maybe he just wanted to play, eh Joe?

Neuse River North Carolina said...

how sad to elephant..