Monday, September 12, 2011

The 'net is a wonderful thing...

when your connection is reliable.
Which mine has not been for a while now.
Tech support. Yeah, right.

I'll be doing this with my fingers crossed and
while holding my breath.

testing, testing...


Doom said...

My connection used to be good. But I'm having troubles lately. I honestly think the troubles are related to the economy, shrinking numbers of techs, and even increased hacking (both from the unemployed trying to make a dollar by hook or crook and vulnerabilities noticed by foreign powers (China)).

Of course, these notions may have something to do with my 'name' and may all be coinkydinks, but... Even my bank is failing in areas it shouldn't though. We will see.

Just a little cheer. Well, my kind. :p At least you aren't completely alone in your interweb brown-outs.

Jean said...

ha...Misery do love company sometimes, Doom.

Joe said...

coming in clear, Houston

Anonymous said...


Fred said...

Oops. That was me.

Anonymous said...

A friend and I have the same ISP -- she has trouble, I don't. She keeps texting "On phone with India again." Jean, I thought of you yesterday. Target sent me a booklet of coupons. On front text is "Hi, Coupons! (Or should we say, 'haiku-pons'?)" Each set of 3 coupons has haiku printed on back. A cute one is --

sandwich needs loving
slice of swiss should do the trick
give thanks to the cows.

Toilet paper --
a soft, cushy roll
is a cozy, happy joy
sweet squares of heaven.

Not too sure about that!


boneman said...

There was a young lass from Norway
Who hung from her feet in the doorway.
She said to her spouse,
"Come over here, Klaus,...
I think that I've found yet one more way!"

at least...that's what I was thinking when you said with your "fingers crossed and holding your breath..."

Jean said...

Ya'll are a hoot! Thanks for the chuckles. Connection seems to be holding up... today.