Friday, July 16, 2010

ain't quite right...

Three times so far.
Three times the computer shut down and re-booted.
All by itself.

Taking it back to the repair guy in just a bit.

Seems to be true... it never ends.


Erica said...

My entire operating system failed all of this past week and last week...if anyone hears your frustrations, it is definitely I. Always a fly in the gott-damned ointment. And it always costs a freakin' lot.

Jean said...

amen, sista.
Although, so far, cost has been reasonable. ain't over yet, is it?

Fred said...

Fingers crossed...

Doom said...

I wish computers were more solidly mechanical. If so, fixing them would be easy. A hammer. Still not fixed? Bigger hammer. Ha!

I hope he can get it done this time. Machines are so... odd at times. Good to see you working on it, and that you found someone. Don't be too mad at him, those machines are just mean sometimes, with layers of wrongness (meanness) in them.

chickory said...

how annoying.

jean, i read a few posts down about where to sell. I feel ya pain but i have a suggestion.

i sell art out of the back of my pick up on saturday mornings at our farmers market. i sell bouquets of wildflowers mixed with my garden flowers, tomatoes and fancy squashes and herbs. but the money is made on the prints and my "folk art" paintings at 40 bucks. a good price point for an original - even if it IS on plywood. the daily fee for setting up is $3.

i made great money this past week -gets better every week. much better than Etsy.

theres got to be farmers markets near you i know a terrific one in winter park -dont know how much money to set up is but it is very popular. i agree the fees for arts festivals is too high and they are a royal pain in the arse.

thought independent coffee shops would be a natural.

i did the guerilla set up a few times. the mayor sent one of her flying monkeys out each time to demand that i produce a business license and proof of ownership on the vacant lot i was parked on.

when the sheriff passes me on the road now, he does that robert de niro in "meet the parents" thing where he gestures "im watching you" but outting his fingers to his eyes and pointing at me. he means it as a joke, but kind of not, too. LOL

good luck on the job search

chickory said...

"by putting" his fingers to his eyes

*preview is my friend*

Jean said...

Thanks for your input, Chickory.
You be da Queen of selling!
I'll see what I can find around here in the way of farmer's markets.

foam said...

arrrrrgh ..
tech problems..
what a pain in the arse!
hope it's remedied now!

Jean said...

Seems to be, Foam. Until the next time, of course ;-)