Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's so hot the weeds are wilting...

Oppressive, brutal, airless, humid, stifling, suffocating.
No relief, even at night.
Can August possibly be as bad or worse?

I've survived many summers without air conditioning
but I do not remember any this bad.

I put ice cubes in Sparky's water bowl.
I drink ice water by the gallon.

Chunks of cold watermelon is my favorite food.

July has been a horrible month for lots of reasons
but, this heat. is. the. worst.


Anonymous said...

good one dear, but please
don't away melt....
I mean you'll still be as uncomfortable,

but more, you don't look as good in a belt.

kdzu said...

It is amazing that we survived back in the 50's and 60's. We did have an attic fan that was turned on at night to hopefully draw a little cool air in through the windows. Us country folk looked down on citified folks with their air conditioning in their cars.
One time my uncle Jim ordered a new Allis Chalmers tractor as the old one broke down in the middle of the harvest.
When it was delivered there was a metal roof over the drivers seat. Grandpa threw a fit when told it cost $500 more and insisted they take it back and remove it. Uncle still had that tractor till a few years ago and it never had a cover other than the straw hat on his head.
Put some jazz on the hi-fi and pretend you're cool. Gotta snap your finger to the beat.

Fred said...

Wishing you cool breezes, and a better August . . .

Jean said...

Heat index 110


Froth said...

We're into the xxxx heat indices, too. It's bad going from FREEZING at work to MELTING at home.

Doom said...

I will try to dream you a brief reprieve. You may not have suffered enough, none of us can... but you are beloved. So, I will try to dream you some of the cool of our nights. I don't deserve them.

I merely jest, mostly. :p Well, except for trying to dream you up some cool. I will try.