Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independence Day...

go to the house by the Parkway.


hoosierboy said...

I was going to challenge you. If you would post something, I would write a poem.

Saved by Jimbo!

Jean said...

Home computer seems to be terminally ill. Writing this at the library.
Not wanting to spend money on repair or replacement si I'm not sure whatthehell I'm gonna do.
Already cried. Didn't help.

HB that's cheating!

boneman said...

hey, look!
Your spammer's taken flight!

Sorry for your continued computer problem, babe.
Hope your server treats you fair.

Jean said...

This just sucks. Home rememdies failed. Computer is in the shop.
Money is an issue, of course.

boneman said...

maybe they're asking you about tea?