Saturday, January 03, 2009

SEAL Strong...

Kudzu is one of my favorite people. Ever.

A Southern gentleman, Nam Vet, beautiful
heart and soul. A dear friend.

He posted a link to a story that should be read
by everyone, everywhere.
My eyes are still misty, so if I screwed up typing
the link here, go directly to his blog to read.

this is for you, S.T., my very own SEAL.


Brigid said...

He's one of the good ones. As your you.

kdzu said...

Thanks Jean, I'm not so good....I just know some good people, for all of whom, I give thanks.

boneman said...

kind'a reminds me (the descrition, that is) of tunnel rats in Viet Nam. These guys would find those confounded tunnels, sometimes weapons caches, sometimes men caches, and would climb in to inspect and gather materials, then fill the tunnell.
I knew only one, but, what a great guy!
They had their own patches made, off record, mind you, but, to memory it was:
Non Gratis Anus Rodentum
not worth a rat's ass.
And, trust me, it's what you would feel like crawling along a dark tunnel, a .45 in your mitt, dark in your face....
But of those who knew who they were? Nothing but respect.

PBS had a special on Afghanistan that must be as close as one could get to what's happenning at that end.

Jean said...

B, you are too kind.

Larry, thanks returned.

Berry, I've heard some about tunnel rats. I couldn't do it. yikes.
Sometimes I miss having cable, I'd like to see that PBS show.