Thursday, January 08, 2009

Saying good-bye to yet another...

A beautiful soul is gone.

Suzanne passed away on Christmas Eve.
She wrapped her beauty and warmth around
everyone. She shared her love of life with enthusiasm
and without hesitation.

There can never be another Liquid Illuzion.

Rest in peace, my friend.

update: I'm adding two links that will give even more
insight to to this very special woman. Here and here.


Freddie said...

So sorry about the loss of your friend Jean.

How very sad.

74WIXYgrad said...

Thank you for linking to my blog. Yes, Suzanne was very special to me and I'm missing her much.

If you come to my blog, there is a link to the online guest book. Her father is going to have the book printed got her children as a memorial. It would be great for all the bloggers to let the family know how much she meant to us.


Jean said...

Thank you, Freddie.
She was an amazing woman.

Cliff, I've been to her blog and signed the guestbook from there.
Originally found out the news from LL at Chromed Curses.

When I went to the guestbook, there were already nine pages of entries.
It's going to be a big book. She is loved by many.

(btw...I am originally from Ohio.)

LL said...

Jean, thank you so much for finding out the why of it. I have been really thinking about it hard today. *sigh* It kills me that Bane, who was pain-riddled and struggling and always promised that he'd end it if it got too much never did, and yet Suzanne, this stunning, vibrant woman was beset by demons and ended her life. I'm just so sad.

Jean said...

LL, I had a bad feeling about it when I saw your post so I went on a search. I hate it. I thought she was doing ok.
I guess those left to remember them can never really know what their reasons are that make them choose to stay or leave.
It breaks my heart that she is gone.

JihadGene said...

Dearest Jean-
Thank you for telling me. I just discovered Liquid's blog around Thanksgiving. I am heart broken and praying for all whose lives she touched. I will miss her mightily as well.

Jean said...

JG, she touched a multitude of lives.
Such a tragic loss for all.

JihadGene said...

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss [husband]. It seems I had just discovered a wonderful person who blogged and Suzanne kept me coming back for more and more, then she departed. The circumstances hurt so very deeply bringing back all the sadness's I thought I had left out of my life, filed away in some box. Then out it came, years later. Now I was crying, wanting to get blind drunk, and I was asking myself the same old questions like, Why didn't I see this coming? Could I have somehow prevented it? What could I have said to encourage him, my brother Joe or her, Suzanne, to go on? I was in love with Suzanne's blog at first sight. She was good. So was my then, 18 year old brother. I truly believe that there are those who have committed suicide that will be in heaven. It's the same as loving God and having a cancer eating at you, then sadly submitting to death. God is bigger than mental illness but bad things still happen to all kinds of people, young & old, good and bad. My heart goes out to you in the loss of your husband and Suzanne.


*I posted this comment on my blog with a song of healing and encouragement, linking to your blog. JG

k said...

Aw, Jean.

It seems like I keep *meeting* wonderful bloggers through you only after they've suddenly passed away. Makes me want to go through your entire blogroll, with great care, as soon as humanly possible.

I am sorry for your loss, Jean. Sad for the loss of all that might have come. Sad for all the pain she must have been feeling.

Amias said...

Thank you so much for linking with remembering Suzanne.

It's sad when such a beautiful and loving light goes out .. and I so believe she is at peace.

Take care.

Jean said...

Amias, she loved you much.
That must make you a very special soul also.

Be well.

Jim - PRS said...

That is so very sad. I'm sorry for your loss.

rdl said...

She was very special - i miss her alot.

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