Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American haiku...

We should all be able to come up with words
to define the topic for Sparrow's contest this week:


Entry deadline for the contest is 10pm tonight.

For all our lives, the words should be neverending...

This country's soul is
Freedom, Strength, Wisdom, Honor.
Uphold and Defend.
Never forget what
we owe to ourselves and the
bright future we dream.
No easy task to
recover from some wounds by
sacrifice. We will.
Others may choose to
go their own way to rule lives.
We guard our lives here.

UPDATE: Vote for your favorite by 11pm Friday.


kdzu said...

Well said, All.

Jean said...

Thank you, dear. I may have another yet :-)

JihadGene said...

It's all good in the hood!

I. Vadinoff said...

done and done