Sunday, January 18, 2009

If it's worth doing...

"I'm sorry."

Lying naked on his back, she naked beside him
on her stomach, chin on her folded hands.

"Sorry for what?" she asked without looking at him.

He closed his eyes and sighed, then turned on his side
toward her and slowly stroked her bare back.
"I'm sorry it wasn't very good."
He stretched his right arm across her pillow and scooted
his body closer until it was spooned against hers, then
rested his cheek on her shoulder.

"Real life isn't like the movies. I expected our first time
to be awkward. We don't know each other this way."
She turned her head and lightly kissed his forehead and
then the tip of his nose. "Not yet, anyway" she smiled,
"unless you want to give up."

His blue eyes searched her green eyes as he turned her
body to meet his.

He kissed every tiny bit of her open mouth and lifted her
right leg over his left hip.

And their dance began again.


boneman said...

DANG! I have GOT to get down to Florida!
Dance, eh?

Jean said...

A slowwwwwww dance. ;-)

kdzu said...

Now I really have to go take that morning shower. A cold one. Brrrr

Jean said...

heh... I love it when my writing gets that kind of reaction :-)

Irrelephant said...

Whew! One of the joys of winter in the South is those extended "the bed is too warm to leave" cuddles.

Blaez said...

bravo!! *claps*

i could see them before me.

breath taking!

boneman said...

uh.... I forgot something and came back to see if I could find it...

Jean said...

Irrel, it started with a cuddle ;-)

Blaez, such praise. Thank you!

Berry, was your search satisfactory?

Freddie said...

"I'm sorry it wasn't very good."

..."Well, damn Dude, you oughta be!"

Sorry. Couldn't resist. (I'm feelin' pretty obnoxious today.) Life's too short to suffer bad lovers more than once, don'tcha think?

Seriously, though. You KNOW how to write it, Jean. :)

Jean said...

ha. Thanks dear gal.
Remember it was their first time and very much worth the effort in the end.

kdzu said...

So.....your eyes are green??

Jean said...

um...actually, they are :-)