Sunday, December 28, 2008

We tied, again! ...

How cool is this?!

Enigma and I tied for first place in Sparrow's
Haiku Contest. We did the same several months ago.

What makes it extra special to me is that this
illustrious gentleman actually gets paid money
to write. Oh yeah.

And, then, it is even extra extra special because the lovely
Sparrow will send care packages to two U.S. soldiers listed

Enigma and I both asked that Sparrow choose soldiers
who are serving in Afghanistan.

Thank you to all who voted!


boneman said...

How special to tie with Enigma
better yet, not to declare a stigma.
Your happiest of points,
sending packages to two joints,
Here's hoping it becomes your new sigma.

Jean said...

Having a package go to those soldiers is the best prize ever!

Brigid said...

Congratulations! I've been on the go so much I haven 't kept up with the blogs or the contest. . Sorry I missed it. . the entries were great.

Jean said...

Thanks, B! I made up for it this week...I sucked...heh.