Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't blow the Haiku contest!...

Man, oh man, I am really off my game this week.

Sparrow's weekly Haiku Contest is tonight and we
only have two hours left to submit the genius-y
entries she expects.

The topic this week is: WIND.

my entry...

Howling and yowling,
whistling down the old chimney,
mocking fire's dance.



Jean said...

I should have made that last line:

"mocking fire's dance."


Doom said...

Pretty good! I was wondering if you would make it and what you would come up with! Congrats. I sit her chuckling, at least since you did make it. Nerves, you know.

Jean said...

heh... Sparrow took pity and fixed it for me :-)

I'll come visit soon, Doom!

Doom said...

There is no obligation. If and when you have the time and nothing else to do, stop by. Doesn't a nap sound more fun? :P

Jean said...

Yes, dear :-)
Actually, I just took a pill to help me sleep. Looks like the lay-off will be Monday. Stressing a bit.
thanks for understanding.