Sunday, December 21, 2008

Florida watercolor artist...

I love this man's art.

When seen in person, almost unbelievable that it is not photography.

Some of my favorite possessions are old Florida
souvenir plates and art deco ceramic flamingoes.

His website and gallery: Michael J. Weber.


Doom said...

Wow! A real artist. I fear even going into "galleries" anymore. I walk in and find no art. I find offense, disgust, confusion, and madness. It is so good to see someone who sees it and can actually show that he sees it.

Thanks for the look, and a boost to my hopes. Oh, I do like some of the native type stuff, but when they blur, paint "a thought", or paint... something (or nothing?)... oh well.

I really like the building. The flamingos are interesting too.

I hope life is coming together for you?

Jean said...

Doom, did you click on his gallery?
Beautiful pieces!
The building is in a town very, very close to where I live.
Did you look at the artist work in a post below this? African wildlife.
Both of these folks were in the art show I went to in November.

Glad you enjoyed :-)

Life is ...quiet. Not bad.

dianne said...

Jeannie his watercolours are amazing, they are so life like, just like photographs, I really like how he captures the transparency of the glass. ♥

Jean said...

The glass images are spectacular!

k said...

Hmmm. Did you have a special affinity for the glass ones?

This is really gorgeous. Thanks for showing it!

Irrelephant said...

Good LORD. Makes me want to put my brushes and paints away forever. *s* Merry Xmas, darlin'!

Jean said...

k, I love everything he does but the glass amazes me even more because it is so phenomenally life-like in it's detail. His Florida souvenir pieces remind me of many that I own.

The building in my post is the old Ormond Beach Yacht Club on the Halifax River. dear friend. He has his style and talent, you have yours.
Both are wonderful *s*

Jean said...

duh... "its" not "it's".

Merry Christmas, Irrel!

`tis the holy season said...

it's not its unless ey hang in fron. If hanging in back, its's more of a hunchback, eh?

The flamingoes....look nothing like I would do them.
So, I love it!
The house looks cool and does the very thing most artists want....
I want to walk inside, hear the slap of the water on the peirs, hear the boats tied up bump gently against their moorings, hear the scream of the lady in charge of watching the clubhouse, "What the heck are you doing here, mister?!" and the sound of my feet as I run away. Run away!

Merry Christmas, gal.
Ho Ho Ho!

Jean said...

Merry Christmas, dear Berry!

Anonymous said...

Jean - My jaw is still hanging and my eyes are glazed! I want some of this man's work. These are beautiful and of the Florida I remember as a kid.
Thanks for the link,

Jean said...

Vanessa, I am so glad you liked it.
I'm sure you'll love anything you get.