Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Haiku...

UPDATE SATURDAY: Go Back And Vote For Your Favorite.

Sparrow is taking entries for her weekly contest
until 10 pm today (Friday).

This week's topic is: Christmas Memories.

my entries...

One candle, one heart.
One wish to see you again.
One, waiting for you.


Midnight mass snowfall.
Incense pungent, candles glow.
Voices raised on high.


Enigma said...

I voted for Yours Jean. Very moving. At heart, I am a hopeless romantic. Or just
Hope all is well!

Jean said...

Thank you, E!
The 'romantic' in you is not exactly hidden :-)

I'm still adjusting, I guess.
Trying to figure out how to move forward with my venture without losing unemployment, but I don't think that's possible.

foam said...

i followed a birdie at boneman's site and here i am ..
hello jean .. :)

Jean said...

ha!...hiya Foam....welcome!! :-)

og said...

Nice! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Jean said...

Thank you, Og!

Enigma said...

Congratulations Jean!

Merelyme said...

oooh these are lovely. i am always inspired to write when i come here.

hey! happy holidays to you and your family!

Jean said...

and, Congratulations to you, E!
I love it when the competition makes my brain work harder :-)

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Merelyme!
You are a talented lady and should be very proud of all you do.