Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sparky, all grown up...

I didn't intend for these photos to be arranged this way.
Fuck it.
The one on top is Sparky being dwarfed by the
bougainvillea in the front corner next to the driveway.
Wish I had known it would become a monster.
(the bougainvillea, not Sparky.)
It's pushing on the fence and making the gate all wonky.
So much so, that Sparky can slip through the gate and go
galloping through the neighborhood. I'll be doing some
trimming in the hopes of saving the gate. For right now,
I've been using bungee cords to keep the dog contained.
Ain't that just all white-trashy?
The other photo is the crazy canine in the front yard, by the
confederate jasmine that is in bloom and covering the fence.
Yes, I know there are weeds in the yard. I don't care.
Weeds are green, too.
Further info re: my life.
Work is slow again. Not good.
No word from Tennessee, even after I sent them a thank-you
note after the interview. Perhaps their work has dropped, too.
More posting to come this weekend, using more of your questions.


Jean said...

Supposed to be three paragraphs in this post but the friggin' thing will not edit! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Abbadon said...

"Ain't that just all white-trashy?"

Naw. White trash isn't as smart as the dog. They'd just let the dog run loose...

Hope that makes you feel better!

Jean said...

heh, always make me feel better. :-)

Joan of Argghh! said...

White trashy would be if you had a pit bull!


boneman said...

Not white trashy, not even a redneck honky.
'Cause neither would ever schwangle a gate that's wonky.

Jean said...

um, Joan... I've had pit bulls.
Loved them. :-)

Berry, you might have a point there!

boneman said...

"....more posting to come this weekend, using more of your questions...."

I feel so used.

Jean said...

You should make that 'useful'... and I thank you.

dianne said...

Don't sound so down hearted Jeanie,I hope things improve for you soon. There's nothing 'white trashy' about you, bungee cords are a good 'quick fix' to keep the gate secure. Sparky looks so cute standing there at the gate, he sure has a lovely shiny coat.
Those bougainvillea are very pretty but they do grow out of control, if you are going to trim it watch out for the thorns.

Rantin' Ron said...

You are anything but white trashy Jean. Besides....ANYTHING that keeps a puppy from running loose in the neighborhood is INGENIOUS...nothing else.

Good lookin' dog you have there. As for the weeds...hell if it weren't for weeds, we wouldn't have a friggin' lawn! We have more like a 'pasture' actually. A veritable dandelion farm.

Bouganvillia huh? Definately not a native plant up here in the hills.

Bless you darlin'.

Jean said...

Dianne, those thorns are vicious!
Experience speaking.

Ron, I actually love dandelions.
It's good to see you here. Thank you, dear man.

she said...

i love bougainvilla too...its such a riotous sprawl of color. we dont have it here... probably also not in tennessee im afraid....least not as a perennial. oh i hope TN works out i will come visit you.

i have a bona fide white trash fence. first, theres the chain link, then jammed into the top of that? those wire garden fence things...with the curved tops...then also added was nettting held high with sticks....all to keep trout the climber in. now we have a shock fence which i swore i would never do. until trout.


your dog has grown!!

jean, its so good to see you!!! im keeping my fingers crossed.

Jean said...

I hope TN works out, too. Would I be crazy if I moved there even if I didn't have a job? Probably.
They may not have bougainvillea but I think they have lilacs and peonies!
Thanks for stopping by, she!

Steph said...

I'm sorry that you haven't heard anything from Tennessee. Think happy thoughts. Perhaps word will still come. Or another opportunity that would make Tennessee look like dog food.

P.S. - LOVE the bougainvilla. It is simply divine!

Mark said...

Bougainvillea suck. I hate those damned things. Oh they look nice but they grow so fast and are covered with thorns. It's nothing to loose 3 pints of blood while trimming them.

CONNELL said...

maybe one day you'll take the seventeen months it takes to learn programing.
Until then, though, just accept the kisses from your dog, Sparky, as being many thanx for getting him onscreen.
Now....about some female companions for Sparky....(please hold the camera closer to him so he can wink....)
"How you doowin'"

Jean said...

Steph...I may give Monster a try.

Mark...I know, they take a lot of time and much bloo-shed.

Berry... learn programming? uh, no thanks. I have a close-up of Sparky. I'll send it.

Kim said...

I am in awe of that bougainvilla!?! And what a cutie patootie pup.
Weeds? pshaw
Wonky stuff? We live wonky.

I betcha hear from the peeps soon.