Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hidden Haiku...

The Haiku Challenge is on at Sparrow's.

This week's topic is: SECRETS.

Deadline for your entry is midnight tonight.

UPDATE: I submitted two for this week...

little bitty things
that can end up devouring
you from inside out.

If I tell you, I'll
have to kill you. And we don't
want that, now, do we?


Abbadon said...

I've got a secret.

No, I will never tell you.

It is mine to keep.

Anonymous said...

My son is doing these in school right now. I'm going to ask him to do this one!!

boneman said...

wait just a minute
I thought these were for your muse
The questions for youse.

(sorry. I appear to be haikuing)

We were to ask you
things that would get you writing
but not for answers.

Well I remembered
another way yet for you
and it ain't half bad.

Go to my sidebar
slide on down to the bottom
there will be SWEDISH

DUTIES waiting just for you
and when you get there

music just starts up
go to the fist posts comments
you'll see me at nine

The music did it
I couldn't believe it, eh?
The music did it.

So find your tunes and
"Write like the wind, old woman!"
(ok. Not so old)

We'll just forget that
and move on to the music
(and move to the muse)

Jean said...

Mark...are you going to submit that??

Jack...let me know what he comes up with, ok?

Berry...I'm going to be doing more of the questions, for sure. I wanted to make sure I remembered Sparrow's Haiku contest, too.
I'll check out the new place shortly :-)

Anonymous said...

Secrets, little known,
From the heart, not to be shared
Secrets, big or small

Jean said...

Jack, that's wonderful!

Joan of Argghh! said...

You win, as far as I'm concerned!

I love that second one!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jean, he done good.

Jean said...

Thanks, Joanie!

You should be proud, Jack.

Irrelephant said...

I guess it all depends on HOW you plan on killing me. *grin*

boneman said...

Jean and Irrelephant sitting in a red wagon,
she's kind'a uncomfortable, but his tail's a waggin'....
first comes the drooling...
wait a minute, wait a minute.
This is a "g-rated" blog.....
you guys can't be doing that...


curmudgeon said...


boneman said...


don't quite know what to make of those events....