Tuesday, April 15, 2008





Michelle said...

You forgot laugh, sing and drink...

Jean said...

Ha! you're right.

Corby said...

At least writing is not work!


boneman said...

(can't say that I agree with that....
I have to work real hard to write something that makes any sense, sometimes.

Jean, my spelling coach...guess what's over at my blog?

No, ....guess.... Then go see if you're right.

Mark said...

Flip, flop, walk.
Flip, flop, learn.
Flip, flop, run naked on the beach.
Flip, flop, be a child again.

Flip, flop. have a vino,
Flip, flop, wonder at the spring moon.
Flip, flop, hear all around you.
Flip, flop, hear the cadence of time with respect.

Flip, flop, and pace yourself.

Jean said...

Well, folks... my intention with this poem was to show how I have adjusted my priorities. Perhaps too pithy to be clear?

Corby...writing can be, for me, very draining at times. Not always.

Berry... I'll do the meme soon.

Mark... I like that!

Mark said...

It was clear-ish. You just sound kind of depressed. :-(

When I get depressed I sleep outside under the stars. Deep Woods Off is your friend. I do this so often that my wife bought me an air mattress. For real.

Jean said...

Mark...not depressed at all right now. For a change. Thank goodness!

I've never slept outside.