Saturday, November 11, 2006

Survey Results... Bumpin' Uglies

I know, I know... I am a slacker.

27 of you contributed.
Here are all the submissions... Drum roll, please...

Sparrow (this girl is impressive!) : horizontal mambo, makin' bacon, doing the wild thing, humping, going at it, jumping your bones, balling, pounditation, shagging, schtupping, riding the pink pony, riding the dolphin, makin' whoopie, boinking, boffing, mattress olympics, canoodling, playing hide the salami (pepperoni, slim jim).

Aspergantus (not bad, either) : wettin' the pencil, stump grinding, probing the clam, riding the subway, dipping the pen in the ink well, letting the boys loose.

Mark: doing the big nasty.

Walrilla (might have to ask him for some specifics on this!) : makin' the beast with two backs.

Bob: bumping fuzz, the brillo shining the pot.

Lee: fuckitation (from his wife), snuggies and pumpies, (and, from his parental perspective) getting dressed, taking a nap, taking a shower, I'may akednay.

LL (MUCH milder than I expected) : having carnal knowledge, knowing in the Biblical way, porking.

Sgt Hook and Jimbo : knockin' boots.

Hannelie (from Australia) : Nooki.

Anonymous (I'm thinking this is Eric, 'cause of the famous ellipses) : ...servicing the machine...

Loria (BigBadWolf's wife) : clean the pipes out, making whoopie, doing the nasty, getting some excercise.

BigBadWolf (Loria's hubby) : the horizontal mambo, bed aerobics, doin' the nasty, gettin' freaky, gettin' some, push-ups with a payoff, slap and tickle, a roll in the hay.

Dave : let's get kinky, screwin'.

Nea : shag the beaver, love making.

Freddie : wanna play?, rock me to sleep.

Velociman (I have to do his full statement here...) : Well, if it's with a fat person it's corpulation.

James Hooker : stump grinding.

Desert Cat : dancing in the sheets, washing machine, roll in the hay, doin' the horizontal bop, making a little magic, having a quickie, rocking and rolling.

Anon (no idea who this is) : hide the pickle.

Valerie (she really went to town) : getting my cylinder honed, staff inspection, getting down, how about a friendly poke?, baby OH baby, shake the dew off the tent, I'm naked!, will you roast my weinie?, let me lick your magic mushroom, fool around, watching the submarine races, a little hanky-panky, free mustache ride, tickle the peanut, magic carpet ride, you show me yours I'll show you mine, wanna get laid?

Boneman (heh... kind of appropriate) : gettin' some, doon' it, spoonin' fronts, belly bumpin', mixin' up the jam, searchin' fer bees in a honey pot.

and, last but not least...

Alan (from Scotland, and I have to include his full statement also) : there simply is no substitute for fucking, in my opinion...

Of course, the title... Bumpin' Uglies... was my entry, but I just thought of one more...
afternoon delight... mmm mmmm.

This was way fun... and, I want to thank everyone for participating. Ya'll are great!


Jean said...

If I counted corectly... it adds up to 96 ways to say...:)

Grumpyunk said...

You have a talented group here. Or at least a bunch of dirty pervs. You decide ;-)

Jean said...

Grumpyunk - I think it is safe to say... talented, dirty pervs...:)

k said...

This was hilarious! I'm sorry I missed responding to the original post. I was too feverish and thought it might not be a good idea to get even more so!

alan said...

Scotland actually :)

Gary said...

This is my first time here. You folks seem to all be a bunch of preverts. (Just kidding).

You have a very nice blog. I was reading your post about your blog not being a journal but a creative outlet. I think that the blogs I like most are always like that. Keep up the good work.

Jean said...

k - ha... no, dear girl... you need rest, not excitement!

Alan - I am SO sorry.... (blushing)... it has been corrected.

Gary - Welcome!...I just love my readers, some really great folks. And, I hope you read more here... not all posts are sex topics..:)

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

It was fun.

Natalia said...

Oh I am so sorry I missed this. My friends and I have spent a lot of drunk idle time trying to compile these too. Awesome.


Bane said...

Yep, jus fuckin.

Jean said...

Valerie - glad you took part.. thanks!

Natalia - well, this should give you a good list to start with... welcome!

Jean said...

Bane - there you are!... Yep, that's about as good as it gets.

k said...

hee hee! I love to read your comments!

AspergantuS said...

I had more fun reading the submissions than anything else.
Thanks to all for making the hilarious contributions.