Saturday, November 25, 2006

Your Choice...

Take me
or leave me,
simple as

will change here,
done with all

It's good
or it isn't,
make up your

Life goes
too quickly to

You can
sit on the bench,
wait for the next

There's more
where this came from,
if perfection you must

Just try
to remember,
while drooling on

That aged
wine you passed by,
was probably


boneman said...

Sounds like yer actually saying something to someone (hopefully not the ups guy...) but, y'shouldn't have t'dance around like that.

Yer such a pretty thing (I don't care how old the picture ARE pretty) you can pretty much get what y'want when y'want it.
On the other hand, speaking from one who moved too quick on a life situation once before (OK, twice) there is nothing wrong with thinking things through.

If y'have someone "scannin" you fer something besides conversation, well, dang gal. Let 'em know how y'feel, but, don't get jumpy about timing.
I can't emphasize enough that y'either follow yer heart blind and wait fer the cliff to find ya or you take yer time and the two of ya enjoy a long happy old people life together.

'Course, that's me.
Used to be I would jump at anyone or anything that came my way, but, after eighteen years of hurtin', I ain't even so quick at it.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Boneman--you are a fine man. And I think this poem could refer to age and experience, but also cost. Aged wines cost more, so people will drink the rotgut, when a few more dollars can get them a decent drink. So it is also about investment in something truly worthwhile.

My 2 cents.

Jean said...

Boneman - This is not 'aimed at' anyone hanging around now. There is no one close by... unfortunately.

EOTR - I like your take on it... quality is always worth waiting for.

Jim - PRS said...

Well and nicely said.

k said...

Again, yes.

Watching them drooling over candy used to make me feel sad and lonely. Even in my youth, when the candy was me.

Now? So different. Why in the world would I give even one minute of thought towards all those who'd choose candy over wine? It's no longer a question of how to make THEM happy.

It's this instead: Whether they can make ME happy.

If they can't, it's okay to be alone. Much better, in fact.

Don't cast the pearls of your own self before swine.

Freddie said...

Ooh. is all I can think of to say.

This is one of my favorite of your posts Jean.

boneman said...

As for the wine, well, yeah, I reckon I finally "aged" enuf m'self to realize that the good stuff is worth waiting for.
There are five bottles in the cabinet now that we ain't supposed t'break into fer five years or so.
Two bottles are being held for ten years.

I fell head over heels for a 92 Cab Franc, but that's one hard bottle to find sittin' around.
I found a 96, and moderately priced....but, if I buy it, I'm gonna want t'get into it.

Perhaps you two gals would care to stop by?

Jean said...

Jim - thank you, sir.

k - "Don't cast the pearls of your own self before swine."... I like that!

Freddie - a favorite?... thank you much!

Boneman - See, good wine SHOULD be tempting. And, don't think this doesn't apply to women looking for a "perfect package"... works both ways.

Hannelie said...

Lovely Jean!

Jean said...

Hannelie - thank you, Ms Australia!

AspergantuS said...

Very nice Jean... you have such a way of saying so much, with so few words...
again...very nice.

Jean said...

Thank you, Mick... looking forward to your next post, after the hiatus.