Friday, November 24, 2006

Dear You,

Stop forgetting that I am your friend!
There is no agenda here. No debt owed for caring.
Just want us to share laughter and tears as they come.

Don't hide. Reach out from your darkness.
I'm here.



boneman said...

And, thankyou fer the music!

I like the Cyndi Lauper "double" with the video clips on it.
Raul Malo has so many very, very sad songs on his, it's hard t'listen to.
Kelly Clarkston has a really "beltin'" voice, but, sticks to the same formula, song after song.
Lauper's "At Last" I'm pulling out t'hear song at a time....kind'a like getting a bottle of wine out'a the cabinet and enjoying one bottle at a time.

But, I've listened tothe other Lauper so many times already I think the laser "needle" is wearing out the album!

And the book!?
What? Is it Christmas time already?!?

Jean said...

Boneman - so good to hear you happy!
Christmas should be any day we want.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

jean, i just read about corky. a well written journey through loss. i was desperate for a photo of know i love the dog photos. im so sorry.

thanks for coming by the yard. is that your real profile picture? you are every sense of the word.

regards to the cats *not!* jes kiddin

have a good weekend


Jean said...

k9 - thank you for your kind words.
I hope to find a photo of Corky... and then figure out how to post it.

And, thank YOU for the lovely compliment!.. it is, indeed, my photo... however, I must confess, it is from 9 years ago.

I plan to visit your blog again and I hope you know you are welcome here anytime.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow. This is excellent. I have written this in my mind.

Jean said...

EOTR - Friendship doesn't need to be complicated, does it?... thanks for coming back.

k said...


Jean said...

k - yep.

AspergantuS said...

Friendship should not be complicated, unfortunately, sometimes it is... especially with the BEST of friends. Is this addressed to anyone in particular?

Jean said...

No, Mick... just general thoughts. But, I agree with you... very little is always simple... heh... perhaps nothing.